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Demons are non-human entities generally believed to be dark or evil in nature. If demons are a core aspect of the work, their actions - often harmful to humans - will generally be the focus. Characters may engage in fighting demons physically; may attempt exorcisms or other rituals or spells to deal with them; or may be the demons or their servants or allies, carrying out their own agendas. See all anime tags.

Action is about conflict. Whether with guns, blades, fists, or mysterious powers, these anime feature characters in combat - either to protect themselves or the things or people they value, or simply as a way of life.

In these anime, characters embark on a journey to explore the world or to search for something. These wanderers travel to many places and meet new people, often encountering hardships along the way, or discovering strengths and weaknesses about themselves that are revealed throughout the adventure.

Drama anime heavily emphasize their characters' emotional development. Whether by experiencing the protagonist’s emotional turmoil, viewing heated character interactions, or exploring a passionate romance, any anime that humanizes its characters through emphasizing their flaws qualifies as a Drama.

Constant panty shots, bouncing breasts and dubious camera angles are hallmarks of an Ecchi title. These titles are usually sexualized and designed to titillate, depicting perverted themes and focusing heavily on the female body. Nosebleeds, suspicious hand positions, faceplanting into bosoms, expressive and exaggerated body parts and other tropes characterize this genre.

Fantasy anime take place in a broad range of settings influenced by mythologies, legends, or popular and defining works of the genre such as The Lord of the Rings . They are generally characterized by a low level of technological development, though fantasy stories can just as easily take place in our modern world, or in a Post-apocalyptic society where technology was buried alongside the old world. These anime also tend to feature magic or other extraordinary abilities, strange or mysterious creatures, or humanoid races which coexist with humanity or inhabit their own lands removed from ours.

A harem includes three or more characters who potentially show romantic interest in a male protagonist. The sex, gender, or orientation of the harem members is irrelevant as long as they exclusively, or at least primarily, are vying for the affections of the same individual - who may or may not reciprocate towards one, several, or none of these romantic rivals.

Horror anime create an atmosphere of unease. Like a Mystery , they encourage viewers to learn more about their world... but there may secrets that are better left unexplored. Through eerie music and sounds, visceral or disturbing imagery, or startling moments, works of Horror make you worry about what gruesome thing is coming next.

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Ten years on from the events of Monsters, and the 'Infected Zones' have now spread worldwide. In the Middle East a new insurgency has begun. At the same time there has also been a ... See full summary  »

A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter.

In the year 2019, a plague has transformed almost every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind.

Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation's abandoned ... See full summary  »

Whilst attending a party, three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery underground. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Six years ago NASA discovered the possibility of alien life within our solar system. A probe was launched to collect samples, but crashed upon re-entry over North America. Soon after, new life forms began to appear and half of Mexico was quarantined as an INFECTED ZONE. Today, the American and Mexican military still struggle to contain "the creatures"...... Our story begins when a US journalist agrees to escort a shaken tourist through the infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border. Written by Annon

Monsters is a oneshot manga by Eiichiro Oda written in 1994 . It is canonically part of One Piece , although this was not revealed until One Piece's Thriller Bark Arc and confirmed in SBS Volume 47 . [1]

The story starts with the narrator telling the story of a dragon's horn that was stolen 10 years ago. It was the only such thing existing and was said to have wondrous powers. But no one still remembers the incident.

Later on, Ryuma is seen sitting at the bar learning from the bartender the story of Flare's hometown. Seven years ago, the village in the mountains Flare lived in was suddenly attacked by a huge dragon. The only survivors were Flare and Cyrano, who saved the girl from the flames of the burning village. This event established Cyrano's reputation as hero and great swordsman. After listening to her story, Ryuma has great respect for Flare, who he thinks of as a very brave girl. He then has a chat with the bartender about "The King", who is supposed to be the greatest swordsman alive, with Ryuma expressing the intention of fighting "The King" one day, since he believes "The King" has the soul of a real fighter. After finishing his meal, Ryuma decides to continue traveling.

Later on, all the town's inhabitants have fled except for Flare and Ryuma who are talking in the restaurant. Ryuma doesn't understand why Flare is so frightened since Cyrano is supposed to be a really good swordsman. When Flare, haunted by her memories, storms off in order to stop Cyrano, Ryuma follows her outside. As they stop running and begin arguing again, Ryuma suddenly freezes in shock and tries to prevent Flare from turning around. As he fails, the two of them watch Cyrano helping D.R. looting the town.

It turns out that Cyrano and D.R. were partners from the start and they trapped Ryuma in order to blame him for the incident with the dragon. It is revealed that they were also responsible for the attack that happened seven years ago. Back then, D.R. summoned a dragon in order to destroy the village with the Dragon Horn that Cyrano had stolen from his own subordinates. Flare encountered Cyrano in the middle of the flames and begged him for help. Instead, he killed her father while she was unconscious and decided to use Flare in order to gain prestige for his name.

As Ryuma is leaving the town after the battle, he meets Flare again. When he passes her by, he tells her to stop thinking about dying as he believes dying isn't fun at all. When Flare asks him why he isn't famous at all, he just states that reputation isn't important in a fight but what you are protecting with it. As a farewell, he tells Flare that she owes one to him now and that he will return in order to have a meal. Later on, as the inhabitants of the town are returning to their houses, Flare learns from the bartender that Ryuma is actually called "The King" and that this name was given to him by those he had saved. He is believed to be the world's best swordsman.

The Pokémon anime , often referred to as just "the anime" by Pokémon fans, is a collective term referring to currently 942 main series episodes, 21 movies, and a number of side-story episodes, all focusing on Pokémon . The great majority of these focus on Ash Ketchum , a Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town , and his journey toward his ultimate goal of being a Pokémon Master , his many friends , and most especially his Pokémon, who he considers his partners and friends.

The anime has been broadcasted in at least 74 [1] different countries , many times being dubbed into other languages for different locales. It is available on Netflix in 216 countries with different dubs and subtitles, and all countries have at least English audio. [2] The Pokémon Company International usually refers to the anime as the "Pokémon animated series" or "Pokémon television series", while some event Pokémon based on Pokémon from the anime have their location set as "the Pokémon cartoon" in the English version of the games.

The anime is produced in Japan, and airs on TV Tokyo nearly every Thursday at 7 PM, as it has since the Porygon incident was resolved. It aired on Tuesdays at the same time prior to this. As of April 7, 2016, the show instead begins at 6:55 PM on Thursdays. Many fans consider the dialogue and events mentioned in the Japanese version to be the "true canon", while the various dubs are regarded to be overridden if something stated in them differs from something said in a Japanese episode.

In Japan, the anime is divided into five series : Pocket Monsters , Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation , Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl , Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes and Pocket Monsters: XY . Outside of it, it has been divided into five series: Pokémon , Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire , Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl , Pokémon the Series: Black and White and Pokémon the Series: XY . The episodes are also further divided into seasons spanning roughly 52 episodes, and currently numbering 19 . This concept of a television season was first embraced by the Japanese source with the inclusion of an explicitly second season to Best Wishes .

The show is mainly aimed at children, and as such, mature topics such as death are not often brought up, though sometimes they appear in some episodes, and most notably in movies. Many Pokémon that are implied to be violent or sinister in the games are also made to be less agressive, where none are considered truly evil. There are generally some references meant for adults, though these are kept to a minimum especially outside of Japan.

Since 1998 in Japan, and since 1999 in the US, a Pokémon movie has been released annually, most often focusing on a Legendary Pokémon . These movies are almost always a large success in Japan, and remain at least somewhat successful in the US and other countries, having been aired on Cartoon Network as a special since the ninth movie , and having theatrical releases during the first five seasons.

The movies are not considered by all people to be canon to the show, with some preferring to think of them occurring in an alternate timeline. This theory comes from the fact that Ash and his friends do not seem to be profoundly affected in the show by the events of the movies, which tend to have a lot of peril and drama. Others, however, see the movies as being akin to filler episodes , as none of their parties change, and no Gym Leaders are defeated nor Contests won. This is presumably the correct interpretation, as not only have most of the events of the movies been referenced at least peripherally in the show, but also, several of the events of even major episodes have been forgotten by the writers of later episodes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! , known in Japan and the rest of Asia as Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズ Yūgiō Dyueru Monsutāzu is an anime based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga . It is produced by Studio Gallop and Nihon Ad Systems , and the English adaptation is distributed by 4Kids Entertainment .

Duel Monsters is not to be confused with the earlier series of the same name . As the series is the second to be based on the manga, it is often referred to by fans as the "second series". Some sources state erroneously that the first series produced by Toei Animation is a "lost first season", although the two series are unrelated aside from plot continuity.

The series began its 224-episode run in Japan on April 18, 2000 and U.S. on September 29, 2001. The series ended its run on September 29, 2004 in Japan and on June 10, 2006 in America. In Japan, the series aired on TV Tokyo . The English version is broadcast on many channels. In the United States it is broadcast on Kids WB, Nicktoons, and on Cartoon Network. (debuting on 4Kids TV in September 2006). In Canada, Yu-Gi-Oh! is broadcast on YTV. In the United Kingdom, Mexico and Australia, it is broadcast on Nickelodeon. In Hong Kong, it is broadcast on ATV from July 13, 2002. It is broadcast on Cartoon Network Korea though it was edited like 4Kids TV.

As the two series are based on the same manga (albeit different parts therein), and the fact that only Duel Monsters was adapted into English, there has been some controversy regarding Yu-Gi-Oh! as a whole. Some have regarded that the fact that the earlier series was not adapted into English creates a large plothole in Duel Monsters , as they believe that the earlier series provides the necessary support and development of the series' main characters. Those opposing this view note the various clear differences between the plot and artwork style would also confuse viewers.

The English adaptation is also widely criticized for the way it is adapted. The changes that were made were frequently done to make the series more understandable and to remove material which may be considered inappropriate or too mature for its English-language demographic, considered to be younger than its original. In addition more of the background is explained in the English version than in the Japanese version; the Japanese version assumes that the viewer has read the manga series. The changes made in the English-language versions of the second-series anime include:

There are two adaptations of the second series in English: a United States adaptation by 4Kids Entertainment aired in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and a Southeast Asia version by A.S.N. for Singapore and the Philippines.

As a response to these critics, a separate "uncut" DVD release was commissioned between 4Kids Entertainment and FUNimation , with a new adaptation that is more consistent with the original. The uncut DVDs were pulled from solicitation after Volume 3 "Stolen - Blue-Eyes White Dragon" for no apparent reason, with a variety of explanations coming from, upon cross-examination, invalid sources with little elaboration. Lance Heiskell, a FUNimation representative, has noted legal rights as the reason for cancellation, although he was unable to expand on it. This appears to be the most likely possibility, given the DVDs' reportedly successful run.

Kids' WB! also edited episodes 4 and 5, and later episodes 14 and 15, fusing these episodes that were originally two-part episodes into half-hour episodes. 4Kids did dub them separately, but they were only seen in other countries and on DVDs. Later, when 4KidsTV rebroadcast the series, they eventually aired episodes 4 and 5 separately. It is unknown whether or not they will air episodes 14 and 15 separately.





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