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Austin Powers is a British secret agent , an "international man of mystery." He works as a fashion photographer by day and a British Intelligence agent by night, and always becomes extremely excited when an attractive woman is working with him or is simply nearby. He is the main protagonist of the series.

In all three films, Austin learns of a new plot by Dr. Evil and intervenes to prevent it. His quests to prevent Dr. Evil from carrying out his schemes often involve his meeting various types of people, getting into fights, and getting caught up in wacky situations. He has a new young and sexy female ally in every film (not counting Marie Kensington).

Douglas Powers , better known as Dr. Evil , is the incredibly dimwitted nemesis of Austin Powers, and the main antagonist of the series. He is the leader of an evil organization, Virtucon, with many henchmen as his allies. He concocts ridiculous schemes in every film, with Austin attempting to stop him from his doings. However, he never wins, often because his plans are always ridiculously overcomplicated; he is far too stupid to realize how much easier they can be. Other times, it is because something happens that interferes.

He resembles Alec Trevalyan/Agent 006 in some ways, as Dr. Evil and Austin Powers were raised as brothers (before the car explosion), much like James Bond and Alec Trevelyan, who were raised at the same orphanage before being recruited by MI6. Also, Dr. Evil and Austin Powers attended the same spy academy together.

Dr. Evil's schemes often include his attempts to take over the world. They sometimes involve threatening to destroy or hurt something in exchange for money ; one notable example is when he presented his giant laser to the president of the United States and said he would destroy Washington D.C. and possibly other major cities unless he was paid one hundred billion dollars. Aside from his schemes, Dr. Evil and his son Scott talk to each other, but he is a completely awful father, and Scott is often shown to be far more intelligent than his father.

He was originally born Douglas Powers, son of Nigel Powers and twin brother to Austin Powers . He has a son with Frau Farbissina named Scott Evil , who is also the grandson of Nigel Powers and the nephew of Austin Powers.

Basil Exposition works for British Intelligence as Austin's controller. A happy-go-lucky man, he is very fond of Austin, saying he is "irresistible to women, deadly to his enemies and a legend in his own time." [2] He and Austin both went to the British Intelligence Academy together at the same time, presumably how they met. Basil often provides Austin with gadgets to help him complete his missions, and he is often seen wearing a carnation , even during his and Austin's time at the academy. [3]

Basil is a parody of the M character in the James Bond franchise. Moreover, since, in storytelling, "exposition" is the revealing of background information required to understand the current action, Basil's surname is a joke on his principal function in the films: to provide Austin and the audience with the necessary exposition. [3]

The film opened in the year 1967, "Somewhere outside Las Vegas," where bald Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) (modeled after Blofeld in the James Bond films), first seen stroking a white furry cat (named Mr. Bigglesworth), had an underground lair where he had gathered together six deadly assassins commissioned to kill "Britain's top secret agent" Austin Powers; frustrated by the "freakin' idiots," he reprimanded them and upturned the chairs of four of his henchmen and burned them alive, sparing two of them.

Evil then said: "Hell, let's just do what we always do - hijack some nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage." With the warhead, Evil suggested demanding a ransom of $1 million dollars. Number Two suggested a larger, inflation-based figure (since Virtucon was already making $9 billion a year) -- and the demand was raised to $100 billion.

Dr. Evil was told by Frau Farbissina that his semen had been frozen during his 30-year absence, and a son had been artificially-created -- his name was Scott Evil (Seth Green), a Generation-Xer teen who was angered by his father's sudden appearance: " you come back and just expect a relationship - I hate you!"; Scott refused a hug and called Evil a "lazy-eyed psycho."

After acquiring the warhead, Dr. Evil communicated with delegates in the United Nations Secret Meeting Room and announced his ransom demands -- at first forgetting the correct figure, although they refused as a general policy, to negotiate with terrorists. In their casino hotel room while phoning her mother, Vanessa was advised about Powers: "Women want him, and men want to be him" -- as Powers walked around with his private parts strategically covered by various objects - a magnifying glass, a wine bottle, a water pitcher, etc.

At Virtucon's Worldwide Headquarters, Powers spied upon Random Task leaving with Evil's cat, quipping: "I never forget a pussy - cat"; he promised the "beautiful" Vanessa a night on the town - Burt Bacharach serenaded them in person atop an open-topped, double-decker bus as they shared dinner and dancing. Afterwards, they played a game of Twister, and when she became "smashed" and she suggested a kiss, he told her that she was drunk and it wasn't right. Receiving an email (through AOL) from Basil, Powers was instructed to find out what part Evil's Virtucon played in "Project Vulcan" - by visiting Alotta Fagina's penthouse immediately.

Meanwhile, Dr. Evil feared: "Austin Powers is getting too close." Frau suggested the "ultimate weapon" to defeat him: Fembots (introduced with Nancy Sinatra's singing of "These Boots Were Made For Walking") - beautiful blonde android replicants, wearing white boots and two piece outfits. They were "the latest word in android replicant technology. Lethal, Efficient, Brutal. No man can resist their charms"; they had protruding gunbarrels that emerged from their bikini-covered breasts [the Fembots' brassieres were based on the one worn by Ursula Andress in the cult Italian sci-fi movie The 10th Victim (1965) ];- they demonstrated their lethal breast-weapons on emasculated guards.

In the British Makeshift Headquarters, Powers was outfitted with a geosynchronous positioning device, and Vanessa proposed some dental enhancements (toothpaste, floss, etc.). Basil suggested that Austin and Vanessa infiltrate Virtucon for on-site reconnaissance during one of its regularly-scheduled tours, disguised as tourists.

Vanessa confessed to Austin that she was suspicious about Alotta Fagina - and he openly admitted: "I shagged her...I shagged her rotten, baby, yeah!" His "protection" was a 9 mm automatic - "Only sailors use condoms, baby," although he told her: "Alotta meant nothing to me." She told him that in the 90s, "times have changed - You can't just go off shagging anybody anymore," and he realized his love for her: "You're everything to me. She feared he would live a lonely life. He wrote down a list of the people and things that had deceased or changed since the 60s: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Mama Cass, the moon-landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Sir Austin Danger Powers is a fictional British secret agent and the main protagonist in the Austin Powers series. He was presumably born around 1940 or 1941 cryogenically frozen in the late 1960s and resurrected in the late 1990s. He was portrayed by Mike Myers in a series of three theatrical releases. The three films in order of release are: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery , Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Austin Powers in Goldmember . The character was a parody of a number of mid-1960s spy movies.

After being frozen for 30 Years, Dr. Evil's rocket landed in Nevada, and Commander Gilmore of the U.S. Military came to England to request the help of the Ministry of Defense. To that end, Austin Powers was unfrozen and reanimated to return to service, this time with Vanessa Kensington . Despite his troubles getting adapted to the 90s, Austin eventually wins over Vanessa, stops Dr. Evil's plan to launch a subterranean nuclear missile, banishes Dr. Evil into space, and settles down with Vanessa to live happily ever after. Or so he thought...

After being married for almost two years, Austin suddenly found himself a widower when Vanessa was revealed to be a Fembot designed by Doctor Evil. Quickly returning to his old ways, Austin returned to the dating scene, and soon found himself in bed with Ivana Humpalot , another of Doctor Evil's assassins who he won over with his charm. However, during the shagging, Austin discovered something terrible. Before he could make Ms. Humpalot orgasm, something happened to the swinger that had never happened before: he went limp in the middle of a hot shag and couldn't get his erection back. Immediately, Austin realized there was only one explanation for why he went flaccid during sex - he had lost his mojo!

It turned out that Doctor Evil had launched a new plan that hit Austin below the belt quite literally. Using a "Time Machine," he had sent himself back to 1969 and stole Austin Powers' mojo, rendering Austin impotent sexually and hoping it would also steal his spy skills as well. Using a Time Machine Car developed by the Ministry of Defense, Austin himself went back to 1969 to put a stop to Doctor Evil's scheme and cure his erectile dysfunction.

Austin finally succeeded in arresting his long-time nemesis, Dr. Evil, sending him to prison. As a reward, he was invited by the Queen of England to be knighted for his efforts. However, just like at his graduation, his father was a no-show at the event. While consoling himself at his pad, he receives word from Basil Exposition that his father had been kidnapped, and their only clue was the sailors that were on the ship all had their genetalia painted gold.

Knowing only a madman would understand the psychology of another madman, Austin confronted Dr. Evil, demanding to know where his father was. Dr. Evil reminded him about what happened at the Academy, but told Austin that his father was kidnapped by Goldmember and taken back to 1975, in exchange for getting a transfer to a regular prison.

In 1975, Austin met former girlfriend  Foxxy Cleopatra , who was undercover spying on criminal genius  Johann van der Smut , better identified as "Goldmember". Together, they evaded Goldmember and rescued Austin's father, but disagreements between Austin and his father Nigel led to the two going their seperate ways for a while. Austin and Foxxy then met a new side of  Mini-Me , the dwarf clone of Dr. Evil, as he defected and joined their side.

Austin and "Mini-Austin" snuck into Dr. Evil's submarine lair, where Austin was given the chance to shoot Dr. Evil and end it all. Before he could, however, Nigel stepped in, and revealed that Dr. Evil was actually his son Douglas Powers, making him Austin's brother. Austin embraced his brother, father, and Mini-Me. Goldmember then attempted to go ahead with the plan to flood the Earth, but was foiled by the Powers family and Foxxy. 

Austin Powers is a 60's spy who is cryonically frozen and released in the 1990's. The world is a very different place for Powers. Unfortunately for Austin, everyone is no longer sex-mad. Although he may be in a different decade, his mission is still the same. He has teamed up with Vanessa Kensington to stop the evil Dr. Evil, who was also frozen in the past. Dr. Evil stole a nuclear weapon and is demanding a payment of (when he realises its the 90's) 100 billion dollars. Can Austin Powers stop this madman? or will he caught up with Evil's henchman, with names like Alotta Fagina and Random Task? Only time will tell! Written by simon

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (commonly referred to as just Austin Powers ) is a 1997 American spy action comedy film and the first installment of the Austin Powers series . It was directed by Jay Roach and written by Mike Myers , who starred as both the title character Austin Powers and main antagonist Dr. Evil , [1] [2] Powers' arch-enemy. The film co-stars Elizabeth Hurley , Robert Wagner , Seth Green and Michael York . The film also includes appearances by Will Ferrell , Mimi Rogers , Carrie Fisher , Tom Arnold , Neil Mullarkey and Burt Bacharach .

The film, which cost US$16.5 million, opened on May 2, 1997, grossing US$53 million from its North American release and over $67 million worldwide. The film later spawned two sequels , Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), with Myers repeatedly mentioning the possibility of a fourth film over the years (as of 2016). [4] [5]

In 1967, British spy Austin Powers ( Mike Myers ) thwarts an assassination attempt by his nemesis Dr. Evil (also played by Mike Myers) in a London nightclub. Dr. Evil escapes in a space rocket disguised as a Big Boy statue, and cryogenically freezes himself. Powers volunteers to be placed into cryostasis in case Dr. Evil returns in the future.

Thirty years later, in 1997, Dr. Evil returns to discover his henchman Number 2 ( Robert Wagner ) has developed Virtucon, the legitimate front of Evil's empire, into a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Uninterested by genuine business, Dr. Evil conspires to steal nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage for $100 billion. Evil also learns that during his absence his associates have artificially created his son, Scott Evil ( Seth Green ), using his frozen semen . Now a Generation X teenager, Scott is resentful of his father’s absence, and resists Dr. Evil's attempts to get closer to him.

Powers and Kensington are later married, and during their honeymoon Powers is attacked by Random Task. Powers subdues the assassin using a penis pump , allowing Kensington to knock him out using a bottle of champagne . Afterwards, the couple adjourn to their balcony. Among the stars, Powers spots the cryogenic chamber of Dr. Evil, who vows revenge on Powers.

Myers created the character of Austin Powers for the faux 1960s rock band Ming Tea that Myers started with Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs following his Saturday Night Live stint in the early 1990s. [6] [7] Mike Myers stated [ citation needed ] that he was inspired to create the character after hearing the song " The Look of Love " on the radio, which was the theme song of Ursula Andress ' character, Vesper Lynd, in the 1967 version of Casino Royale . Myers' then wife Robin Ruzan encouraged him to write a film based on the character. [7] Dana Carvey felt that Myers copied Carvey's impression of Lorne Michaels for the Dr. Evil character. [8] [9]

Myers sought out Jim Carrey to play Dr. Evil, as his initial plan was not to play multiple characters in the series. Carrey was interested in the part, but had to turn the role down due to scheduling conflicts with Liar Liar . [10]

The film adopts the late '60s psychedelic pop culture stylings and adapts / parodies many characters, lines, set pieces, and plot points of the James Bond films from that era. Elements from all of the early Bond movies are used for inspiration, including:

On television, Udenio had the recurring role on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live from 1985 to 1986, and was regular cast member in the syndicated drama Amazon (1999-2000). She has made guest appearances on many television shows, including Babylon 5 , Baywatch , Full House , Freddy's Nightmares , Quantum Leap , Mortal Kombat: Conquest , Cheers , Mad About You , Wings , The Magnificent Seven , CSI: Miami , and Mistresses . She also had the recurring role on 90210 (2008-2011) of Atooza Shirazi. She is currently recurring as Elena Di Nola/Mutter in the critically acclaimed series Jane the Virgin (2015-2016).

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