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Oral often gets bundled along with kissing and stroking as a form of foreplay, but because it's so intense, you actually need to warm up before he heads south of your border. Since men tend to get aroused faster than women, his instinct will probably be to start pleasuring you within 90 seconds of hitting the sheets, but stave him off by extending the time you spend touching, licking, nibbling, and talking dirty to each other.

When he does go down on you, instead of diving right in, encourage him to tantalize your entire V-zone first. Sexily say something like, "Make me want it so bad that I'm dripping wet, and don't give it to me until I beg you." Have him breathe his hot breath through your underwear , suck on you through the fabric, and finally tantalizingly remove them. Then ask him to lick, kiss, and massage your inner thighs and pubic area before proceeding to the bull's eye.

At first, most women crave a soft touch during oral sex …and then the more turned on you get, the more pressure you desire. Things that felt uncomfortable at the beginning might not be enough towards the end—so it's understandably tricky for men to get it right. If he's too rough, tell him, "I love what you're doing, but go just a little softer." If he's not giving you enough stimulation, say "yes" or "harder," or pull his head in closer.

Even though you're relaxing on your back, while he's doing most of the work, don't check out. One move that makes lots of women horny is grinding against their man's mouth. Grab his head, hold it firmly against you, and push into his lips, writhing in whatever way gets you off.

Perhaps the biggest mistake men make when going down on a woman is attempting to penetrate her with their tongue the same way they would with their penis. As we're sure you can attest, that feels entirely unsatisfying. Here's how to show him what you like, without making him feel lame: Treat him to a BJ , and before you start, tell him that you want him to give you feedback throughout, and let you know on a scale of 1-10 what moves feel great. Then switch, and guide him to what works for you.

Propping one under your butt during downtown action can maximize your pleasure by making your G-spot easier for him to access. It also gives you more leverage to move your hips against him in a way that feels amazing for you.

For you to fully enjoy oral , chances are he'll have to insert a finger or two inside your body to press against your G. Guide his hand there manually, or say, "That feels so good. Put a finger in me please."

One of the great things about regular sex is all that hot skin-on-skin contact. But during oral, with so much attention directed at your lower half, your girls can end up feeling a little neglected. Either touch yourself (which is way sexy for you—and for him, when he glances up and sees), or gently move his hands to where you want them: massaging your breasts, stroking your neck, inside your mouth so you can suck on his fingers. Another tip is to position one of your legs in between his so you can feel his erection.

3/7/2013  · Manustatud video  · Sex tips: 3 oral sex tips - How to give the best oral sex to a woman Alex Allman... How To Give Oral Sex - Techniques for Women - …

With lines like, “Imagine you’re licking an ice cream cone and not a fleshy appendage protruding from his body,” “Don’t spoil it when it’s finally almost over” and “Try to resist the urge to give him the death stare that says, ‘If you don’t come soon, I’m going to kill you,’” I gasped in horror as I read.

I was such a late bloomer that by the time I finally gave my first bj at the relatively ripe age of 21, I was so stoked to finally have cock in my mouth that I gave myself over to it with raw enthusiasm.

While I’ll be discussing technique, too, what I most hope to convey throughout the individual tips and tricks listed here is the astounding potential for bliss within the act of oral sex – not just for the receiver but for the giver.

Just giving yourself that couple of seconds to look him over, knowing that whatever happens next is completely up to you, should put a delicious chill in your spine. There is tremendous power in taking control of a man’s cock.

Gently place his hands away from his body and fix him with a stern and sexy look. Or tie him up if, like me, you love rope and the sight of a man tied up and hard for you gets you wet as all get out. This is your show now. ( Here’s a great article all about ropes, BDSM and the like .)

When a man submits himself to your oral pleasure, he’s on your clock. This means you can take as much time as you like teasing him or pleasuring him slowly. Let him feel from the start that you plan on taking your time as much as you like.

Even in the midst of the act, you can take time to slow down, pause, use your hands, strike up conversation or, if you’re feeling mean (as I am wont to do sometimes), leave him tied up and aching while you go into the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of wine. Then come back and drink it slowly, perhaps letting him sip some directly from your mouth, before you resume your attentions on his cock.

Spit is a necessary lubricant and your salivary glands can only work up so much at a time, so take his cock into your mouth slowly and wait to take in more until you’ve built up enough spit to properly coat it.

The tips on how to give a girl oral include a number of things you can easily focus on on your way to becoming an excellent lover. You love getting great oral sex, so you should not be surprised to know that your partner does as well. If you get great at going down, the women in your life will make their way back into your bed again and again.

Whether you use the technical term fellatio or call it a blow job, going down, giving head, or something else, performing fellatio is an act that requires a lot of trust and a little bit of knowledge. Social messages suggest that the act is so desired that the receiver doesn't care much about technique. In reality there is a lot of variation in fellatio skills, and knowing how to read your partner, what to do to him, and when to do it can make all the difference.

We mostly think of fellatio as being one person licking or sucking a partner's penis. Here I'm broadening the definition a bit to include oral sex on a male partner's genitals. Not every man has a penis (most do, of course). And not every one who has a penis always wants to or can use it for sexual pleasure . None of this makes oral sex any less fun, and the possibilities, if you're open to them, are endless.

Have fun with the foreskin.
If your partner is uncircumcised, insert your tongue into the foreskin and circle around the head with it. You can also use your fingers to gently massage the head through the foreskin, alternating with deep tongue licks.

Using your mouth and hand, tip #1.
A great blow job isn't just about a mouth and a penis. Place one hand around the shaft of his penis while you move up and down on the top half of his penis. Try coordinating your movements so your hand and mouth are going up and down in unison. If you're partner is thrusting, your hand will prevent his penis from being pushed too far into your mouth.

Many men find oral sex to be a sensual and intimate part of lovemaking, but not all women are readily open to giving it or receiving it until there is some discussion to address their fears and put them at ease. It can feel uncomfortable or even awkward to start the conversation, but talking about intimate matters with your partner will help build trust and intimacy even if she's initially opposed to the idea. The first step is asking, but know that there are more respectful, open ways to do it than others.

We girls love receiving oral sex, but you won’t know for sure if what you read in a book or website will work unless you give it a go. Once you’ve read some advice about what women want, test it out in reality.

You might not be the biggest fan of giving oral sex, or you may not know exactly how to give your girl oral sex, so you tend to rush into it and try and get it over with. What we want is for you to start slowly though.

Kiss her lips, neck and make your way down her body until you’re kissing her inner thighs. Try and get eye contact as much as possible and position yourself in a comfortably way that you can caress her breasts from time to time.

When you begin to kiss and lick during oral sex, work your way in slowly from the outside. This will make the feelings more intense and still feel like you’re teasing her. A slow build up creates a much better orgasm for us women.

Most women are very sensitive to touch, including touch performed by the tongue, so start gently and see what your woman wants. The clitoris in particular is packed full of nerve endings so make sure you listen to her signals.

It’s important to use the flatter and softer part of your tongue – especially at the start when she may not be fully aroused and not ready for the additional pressure and speed that the tip can bring.

You can try spelling out the alphabet over different areas with your tongue – this keeps the tongue moving in different directions. And don’t forget to change the pace – get faster and more intense if she likes it.

You might occasionally want to gently suck her clitoris, as the suction can give a different sensation. Some women will love this, some won’t. And even a girl that likes it one day may not the next day.

Unless you look for birds-and-the-bees-level info, sex can already be a hard topic to get quality, straightforward advice about. Trying to learn about oral sex can be especially challenging. "It doesn't get enough lip service – pun kind of intended," says Shanna Katz , sexologist, sex educator, and author of Oral Sex That'll Blow Her Mind: An Illustrated Guide to Giving Her Amazing Orgasms .

Everyone wants great sex to come naturally but putting in some extra effort can make all the difference. "It's awesome for guys to say, this is going to be part of my sexual repertoire," says Katz. "It makes you look like you're interested in your partner's pleasure, which is something that makes you a great partner." Here are her top tips for giving the best oral.

There's an old Esquire survey that keeps making its rounds on the Internet. Initially published in 2010 and still buzzing about in 2016, The Esquire Survey of the American Woman asks plenty of revealing questions — like how much women earn, if they'd ever consider plastic surgery and if they liked receiving oral sex.

You can probably guess that the last question went over like a lead balloon. While oral sex sounds like a great appetizer to the main event in theory, 10 percent of women said they didn't like it at all. And a whopping 44 percent of women said it could be "nice" every once in a while. What gives? Well, you know, and we know, that many aren't as proficient as they claim to be in the ways of the tongue beneath the sheets. And many of us women are shy about asking for what we want in bed, making even the best attempt at oral very awkward indeed .

Believe it or not, these tips, coupled with some expert guidance, can help make receiving oral fun again. As you might have guessed, it's all about finding out what works for you and what doesn't — and getting comfortable using your sexy bedroom voice to direct traffic:

1. Variety is key. We already know that variety is the spice of life, and this couldn't ring truer than when it comes to oral sex. In other words, always keep her guessing, and she's likely to do you the same favor in return. "Different strokes may work better on different days. If you find something she likes, come back to it repeatedly, with pauses in between," Janet Lieberman, CTO at Dame Products , says, "Much like the trick of making a pool feel warmer by getting out and getting back in, taking a quick break and coming back to it provides a boost in intensity. It also helps you avoid overstimulating a specific cluster of nerves."

3. Take things slow. Don't act like a hungry, slobbery brute. Once you make it to her clit and vagina, gently lick all around. Direct stimulation can be too intense for some, so explore the surrounding area. Ask her where she likes to be touched. You don't have to be rough with your mouth unless she wants you to. It's always best to start off slow, unless she specifically requests otherwise. Some women do like it when you roughly use your tongue and mouth, but only do so if she asks.

Alexandra Fine, CEO at Dame Products , agrees that slow and steady wins the race, "There are lots of tips and tricks on how to do the deed, but where most men fail in cunnilingus is during the arousal phase. Women can take 20 minutes plus to get physically aroused. That means that, however slowly you think you are getting from her mouth to her clit — go slower! Wait until she arches her back and thrusts her hips up — then you'll know you've hit the spot."





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