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Many in academia have long known about how the practice of student evaluations of professors is inherently biased against female professors. Students, after all, are just as likely as the public in general to have the same ugly, if unconscious, biases about women in authority. Just as polling data continues to show that  a majority of Americans think being a man automatically makes you better in the boss department, many professors worry that students just automatically rate male professors as smarter, more authoritative, and more awesome overall just because they are men. Now, a  new study out North Carolina State University shows that there is good reason for that concern .

One of the problems with simply assuming that sexism drives  the tendency of students to giving higher ratings to men than women  is that students are evaluating professors as a whole, making it hard to separate the impact of gender from other factors, like teaching style and coursework. But North Carolina researcher Lillian MacNell, along with co-authors Dr. Adam Driscoll and Dr. Andrea Hunt, found a way to blind students to the actual gender of instructors by focusing on online course studies. The researchers took two online course instructors, one male and one female, and gave them two classes to teach. Each professor presented as his or her own gender to one class and the opposite to the other. 

The results were astonishing. Students gave professors they thought were male much higher evaluations across the board than they did professors they thought were female, regardless of what gender the professors actually were. When they told students they were men, both the male and female professors got a bump in ratings. When they told the students they were women, they took a hit in ratings. Because everything else was the same about them, this difference has to be the result of gender bias. 

“The difference in the promptness rating is a good example for discussion,” MacNell explains in the press release for the study. "Classwork was graded and returned to students at the same time by both instructors. But the instructor students thought was male was given a 4.35 rating out of 5. The instructor students thought was female got a 3.55 rating.” Considering that professors were rated on a five-point scale, losing an entire point on the "promptness" question just because students think you're female is a major hit. 

This particular study is small, so we shouldn't get carried away about its results. But it certainly suggests an important avenue for future research. Students penalized the perceived female professor in all 12 categories, including in qualities that women are usually assumed to excel at, such as being caring and respectful. This comports with other studies that show that while female professors are judged somewhat less harshly if they conform more to female stereotypes, men still get bonus points for showing up male. 

Fun fact: May is National Masturbation Month (yes, it's an actual thing)! And to celebrate the wondrous activity of self-pleasure , we've rounded up a bunch of ways to get yourself off using orgasmic advice from sex experts Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First, and Emily Morse, founder of Emily & Tony . Let the best 31 days of your sex year begin!

3. Invest in a Sex Toy
You've heard of the infamous Rabbit but have you heard about the pleasure tool that simulates oral sex? No? Well then you need to check out these 11 crazy new sex toys that will basically give your orgasm an orgasm!  

4. …Or Two Toys
Why stop at one? They come in so many different shapes and sizes that you can even use two at once (one on your clitoris and one that hits your G-spot), says Morse. 

5. Bliss Out Your Bedroom
Tidy up, light some candles, and get into the mood. It's hard to feel sexy if your room's smothered in month-old laundry and yesterday's Chinese food containers. Hey, they don't call it spring-cleaning for nothing.

6. Go Slow
Quickies are great in a pinch, but you can have the best orgasm ever by delaying your big finish. Right when you're about to climax—stop, breathe, and rev up your sex engine all over again.

7. Explore Your Body
The vagina isn't your only erogenous zone . In case you didn't know, your body is a treasure trove of not-so-obvious pleasure spots just waiting to be aroused, says Morse.

8. Focus on Your C-Spot
Studies show that clitoral stimulation is a huge deal —but we probably didn't need to tell you that. So go ahead, hone in on it. 
9. But Don't Forget About Your G-Spot
Because your clitoris isn't the only part of your vagina with super-sensitive nerves.

11. Play Some Porn
Sure, it's all fake, but the view's pretty nice. Plus, you can hit play on whatever you want—even if it's something your partner totally isn't into. 

Inadequate production of testosterone is not a common cause of erectile dysfunction; however, when ED does occur due to decreased testosterone production, testosterone replacement therapy may improve the problem.

If you learned a killer new workout that made your body feel incredible, you’d likely share it with your friends. But when it comes to sex, men aren’t as likely to trade tips. And that’s a shame. So we’ll get the sharing party started: After chatting with sexologists and pouring over the latest, hottest research, we found these eight ways to take your orgasm to the next level.

(To learn how to take HER pleasure to the next level, check out How to Pleasure a Woman , the ultimate sex manual from the editors of  Men’ s Health . You’ll find hundreds of tips and techniques to help you be the best lover she’s ever had.)

If you haven’t already been introduced, meet your taint—or your perineum, if we’re getting technical. It’s the stretch of skin between your balls and your butt, and it’s a one-way ticket to Pleasuretown.

Some guys say that by applying pressure to this area, they’re able to have multiple orgasms—which is probably because you can stimulate your prostate gland externally via your perineum. During intercourse or oral sex, ask your partner to place a finger here and press onto it until the pressure feels just right.

Essentially, kegel exercises are a way of contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor, which give you greater control and intensity during sex. Try lifting your penis up and down with your muscles, or even try to “write the alphabet with the tip of your penis,” suggests Robboy.

A recent study in the Journal of Sex Research advocated “edging,” or the practice of purposefully delaying orgasm for a more intense climax. The study showed that if people paused when they were about 90 percent of the way to climax, and then resumed after slowing down a bit, their eventual orgasm was way more powerful.

It’s an easy way to amp up your game: Bring yourself to the “edge” of your orgasm, slow down, pause, and then start back up again. Try to do this two or three times before letting yourself go. 

It turns out that men have an equivalent to the G-spot: the prostate. You can stimulate it externally by applying pressure to your perineum, but if you’re interested in maximizing pleasure—and you're feeling a little adventurous—you’ll have to do a little anal probing.

Yep, you read that right. To improve your day, simply sniff a lemon. Scientists at Tel Aviv University suggest that citrus fragrances – particularly lemon – can alleviate depression and boost our mood. Indeed, the smell of a lemon boosts your levels of serotonin (a feel-good hormone) and lowers levels of norepinephrine (a stress hormone), so improve your day by burning a lemon scented candle or spritzing on a lemony fragrance, or you could just go all out and sniff a lemon.

Sometimes we dwell on the things that make us sad rather than concentrating on what makes us happy. It takes a little brain training to change your thought process from negative to positive, and a good way to do this is make a list of things that make you happy and keep referring to it every time you feel sad. Whether you want to write down your favourite quote from a movie, the date of a holiday you have booked, or you stick down a photograph of yourself on one of the happiest days of your life, it’s sure to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Corny? Yes. Helpful? Most definitely.

With the soaring popularity of the ‘cuddle party’ phenomenon, more and more people are discovering the benefits of a good snuggle. A warm embrace boosts the natural feel-good hormones released by the body, reduces stress, and creates a feeling of mutual trust. Beware though, whilst cuddling is a great mood-enhancer, we do recommend that you be selective over whom you choose to embrace; your boss or the window cleaner may not appreciate a cuddle as much as your spouse or your pet. If you prefer something a little less intimate, there’s nothing to stop you from expressing your feelings through a man hug (yes, this can be done by the ladies too), or maybe even a high-five to release those happy hormones.

Encourage your body’s natural feel-good hormones to give your mood – and ultimately your day – a boost. Walk the dog, go for a run, or dance around the living room for half an hour; anything that gets your blood pumping and makes you sweat will do the trick. The endorphins released during exercise are scientifically proven to boost your mood, making any form of physical activity a sure-fire way to boost your day.

Rather than that quick dash in and out of the shower, make some me-time and have a bubble bath and some time to work on your personal appearance. Our day always seems to go better when we look and feel our best, so gentlemen, have a shave and use a deep moisturising balm. Ladies, apply face and hair masks and paint your nails alongside your bath. It’s surprising how much a little me-time can perk up your day.

A common reason for us to be having a bad day is stress. Having a long list of tasks to do can be overwhelming so tackle any problems head-on at the start of the day to get them out of the way as early as possible. Tackling your problems in the morning will eliminate feelings of worry throughout the rest of your day. A good way to prioritise your tasks is to write them all down and then number them from one to 10, with one being the most important, and 10 being the least important. Work your way through the tasks starting with the most important first, and tick them off as you go along. You will feel a sense of achievement each time you tick a task off.

A little salty. Slightly sweet. Bitter. Quite delicious. Disgusting. No, these are not the reactions for any food. In fact, this is how women and also men describe the taste of semen. So, how does semen actually taste and is there anything that you can do to improve its taste?

Well, the basic taste of semen is slightly salty and warm. Some people may describe it as tasteless and some may describe it as slightly sweeter. The semen of some men may be excessively salty and in the case of others it may be even bitter.

Keep in mind that semen is a cornucopia of various nutrients including fructose, sodium, protein, vitamins and various other trace minerals and nutrients. Why the taste of semen seems to differ from men to men is something that hasn’t been researched, so nothing can be said with confidence. However, men who seem to have experimented with what they put into their bodies have come to realize that different things have a different impact on their semen.

For sure, water is important. Keep in mind that the seminal fluid is composed mostly of water and if you don’t have enough of it, your ejaculate will be quite low in amount and may also not taste good. So, make sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. It will not only remove the toxins in your body and make your semen taste better but it will also increase your semen volume making sex more pleasurable.

If you are drinking too much caffeine, it may not be a good idea for your semen. Keep in mind that the taste of semen is basically slightly salty, however, what you put into your body may make it temporarily bitter or sweeter. Caffeine is not going to make your ejaculate taste sweet. It will only make it taste bitter. So, avoid drinking caffeine at least before your next ejaculation and see the difference.

All three of these have a negative effect on your overall health. So, how can your sexual health avoid being affected? These are known to make the semen taste bitter, so make sure to quit smoking and avoid illegal drugs. Alcohol may not have a negative effect on your sexual health if consumed in moderation but it may make your semen taste bitter. So, if you are planning on oral sex, avoid alcohol too.

It is believed that red meat makes semen taste much saltier than it actually is. This is probably why the semen of vegetarian men is considered to be much tastier than those who commonly eat non-vegetarian foods. So, avoid eating red meat and instead go for fish which is packed with essential fatty acid and may actually improve the taste.

Foods with high sulfur content such as cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are also not good for the taste of your semen. Similarly, foods with strong and foul smell such as garlic may make your semen taste not very good. So, avoid consuming these foods. And if you are too fond of your fast food burgers, it may be time to rethink. All the chemical present in junk food is only going to make your semen taste bitter.

1. Engage: Project-Based Learning
Students go beyond the textbook to study complex topics based on real-world issues, such as the water quality in their communities or the history of their town, analyzing information from multiple sources, including the Internet and interviews with experts. Project-based classwork is more demanding than traditional book-based instruction, where students may just memorize facts from a single source. Instead, students utilize original documents and data, mastering principles covered in traditional courses but learning them in more meaningful ways. Projects can last weeks; multiple projects can cover entire courses. Student work is presented to audiences beyond the teacher, including parents and community groups.

Reality Check : At the Clear View Charter School, in Chula Vista, California, fourth- and fifth-grade students collected insect specimens, studied them under an electron microscope via a fiber-optic link to a nearby university, used Internet resources for their reports, and discussed their findings with university entomologists.

2. Connect: Integrated Studies
Studies should enable students to reach across traditional disciplines and explore their relationships, like James Burke described in his book Connections . History, literature, and art can be interwoven and studied together. Integrated studies enable subjects to be investigated using many forms of knowledge and expression, as literacy skills are expanded beyond the traditional focus on words and numbers to include graphics, color, music, and motion.

Reality Check : Through a national project called Nature Mapping, fourth-grade students in rural Washington learn reading, writing, mathematics, science, and technology use while searching for rare lizards.

3. Share: Cooperative Learning
Working together on project teams and guided by trained teachers, students learn the skills of collaborating, managing emotions, and resolving conflicts in groups. Each member of the team is responsible for learning the subject matter as well as helping teammates to learn. Cooperative learning develops social and emotional skills, providing a valuable foundation for their lives as workers, family members, and citizens.

Reality Check : In Eeva Reeder's tenth-grade geometry class at Mountlake Terrace High School, near Seattle, student teams design "schools of the future" while mentoring with local architects. They manage deadlines and resolve differences to produce models, budgets, and reports far beyond what an individual student could accomplish.

4. Expand: Comprehensive Assessment
Assessment should be expanded beyond simple test scores to instead provide a detailed, continuous profile of student strengths and weaknesses. Teachers, parents, and individual students can closely monitor academic progress and use the assessment to focus on areas that need improvement. Tests should be an opportunity for students to learn from their mistakes, retake the test, and improve their scores.

Reality Check : At the Key Learning Community, in Indianapolis, teachers employ written rubrics to assess students' strengths and weaknesses using categories based on Howard Gardner's concept of multiple intelligences, including spatial, musical, and interpersonal skills.

Do you feel like your sex drive just isn't what it used to be? You aren't alone — many people feel that way at some point in their lives. In some cases, a decrease in libido may be due to a medical issue. For many people, however, the situation may be remedied without resorting to medication. Check out the top 10 natural libido boosters, from Dr. Catherine Hood. You just may find one that puts the spark back into your love life.

Changes that recognise the severe imbalance between male and female superannuation account balances and those factors which give rise to a significant difference in the size of their retirement nest eggs.

The current ASFA retirement standard indicates that for a 65-year-old single to live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, they’ll need an income of $43,602 a year — almost 73 per cent of what a couple requires.

If your bedroom action could use a boost, you’re not alone. A whopping 59 percent of men and women say they want to make their sex lives more playful and fun , according to a new survey released today by International Communications Research and sponsored by We-Vibe .  

But if most people are craving more excitement in bed, why are we still having run-of-the-mill sex? Many couples are afraid to switch up a sexual script that’s working—meaning, both partners are already getting off—says relationship expert Wendy Walsh, Ph.D., author of The 30-Day Love Detox . “People learn to play each other’s instruments, and then they go to the same two spots,” she says. “But you become accustomed to that and you can become numb emotionally and physically. Then things just don’t work as well as they did before.” 

Stop Faking It Immediately 
You probably wouldn’t say you had a blast on your date if it was actually a bore, so why lie in the bedroom? If you want more exciting sex, don’t pretend to like something that doesn’t actually excite you. “You should never fake an orgasm ,” says Walsh. “That thing he was doing wrong—he’s now going to keep doing it.” Instead, let him know when something feels amazing, either by speaking up or engaging in some pretty obvious body language. That way there’s no confusion about what you really like in bed. (Also worth nothing: Great sex can exist without an orgasm .)

Ignore Your Instincts 
That stereotype that men are the only ones who crave something new in bed is so false. In fact, research shows women are even more likely to want sexual novelty, says Walsh. Satisfy the urge by doing something totally outside your sexual script, like making a sex bucket list , getting busy in every room but your bedroom , having sex before work in the morning , or even heading to a hotel for a distraction-free hookup.  

Play Up the Fantasy  
So how do you bring up the fact that you want to try a new position or light bondage? “Put the thing you’d like to do into the context of a sexy fantasy or dream that involves your partner,” says sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First . For instance, you can tell him you had a crazy-hot dream about shower sex last night or that you can’t get this Fifty Shades -style fantasy out of your head. He’ll definitely get the hint. 

Match Your Position to Your Mood  
Just like your dates range from romantic to passionate, your hookups should, too. Depending on the mood you’re in, get creative with your sex style, says Kerner. Craving emotional intimacy and eye contact? Go with Missionary . Feel like ripping each other’s clothes off the second you get home? Opt for Upstanding Citizen against a wall. Ready to take control? Hop on top for Reverse Cowgirl . You get the idea. 

Put It in Your iCal
We know, scheduling sex— ugh . But even just giving yourself a mental heads-up can put you in a sexy mindset all day long. Whether it’s wearing hot new lingerie all day, getting a wax , or texting your partner something you’re dying to do later, these little rituals can act as extended foreplay , says Walsh. 

Dress the Part 
Use pop-up Halloween stores to your advantage, and pick up a few sultry accessories or even a full outfit, says Kerner. Putting on a totally different persona (whether it’s with a blonde wig and thigh highs or a sexy nurse’s outfit) will give you both a chance to play out a fantasy with lowered inhibitions. 

The research, which involved imaging the brains of nearly 1,000 adolescents, found that male brains had more connections within hemispheres, whereas female brains were more connected between hemispheres. The results, which apply to the population as a whole and not individuals, suggest that male brains may be optimized for motor skills, and female brains may be optimized for combining analytical and intuitive thinking.

"On average, men connect front to back [parts of the brain] more strongly than women," whereas "women have stronger connections left to right," said study leader Ragini Verma, an associate professor of radiology at the University of Pennsylvania medical school. But Verma cautioned against making sweeping generalizations about men and women based on the results.

Previous studies have found behavioral differences between men and women. For example, women may have better verbal memory and social cognition, whereas men may have better motor and spatial skills, on average. Brain imaging studies have shown that women have a higher percentage of gray matter , the computational tissue of the brain, while men have a higher percentage of white matter, the connective cables of the brain. But few studies have shown that men's and women's brains are connected differently .

In the study, researchers scanned the brains of 949 young people ages 8 to 22 (428 males and 521 females), using a form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) known as diffusion tensor imaging, which maps the diffusion of water molecules within brain tissue. The researchers analyzed the participants as a single group, and as three separate groups split up by age.

As a whole, the young men had stronger connections within cerebral hemispheres while the young women had stronger connections between hemispheres, the study, detailed today (Dec. 2) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found. However, the cerebellum, a part of the brain below the cerebrum that plays a role in coordinating muscle movement, showed the opposite pattern, with males having stronger connections between hemispheres.

Roughly speaking, the back of the brain handles perception and the front of the brain handles action; the left hemisphere of the brain is the seat of logical thinking, while the right side of the brain begets intuitive thinking. The findings lend support to the view that males may excel at motor skills, while women may be better at integrating analysis and intuitive thinking.

"It is fascinating that we can see some of functional differences in men and women structurally," Verma told LiveScience. However, the results do not apply to individual men and women, she said. "Every individual could have part of both men and women in them," she said, referring to the connectivity patterns her team observed.

When the researchers compared the young people by age group, they saw the most pronounced brain differences among adolescents (13.4 to 17 years old), suggesting the sexes begin to diverge in the teen years. Males and females showed the greatest differences in inter-hemisphere brain connectivity during this time, with females having more connections between hemispheres primarily in the frontal lobe. These differences got smaller with age, with older females showing more widely distributed connections throughout the brain rather than just in the frontal lobe.

The vast majority of growers are looking for unpollinated female marijuana plants as these produce the most potent smokable buds. Marijuana sexing early and correctly helps you to remove any male plants that have the potential to pollinate and destroy your marijuana crop.

In this section you will learn everything you need to know about marijuana sexing, particularly when and how you establish the sex of your marijuana plant, as well as the little things you can do to increase your chances of growing a plant that is the sex you want.

It’s possible to start telling your plant’s sex as early as pre-flowering which occurs between the fourth and sixth week of vegetative growth. Pre-flowers develop where the leaf stems join the main stem (internodes). You quite often find they develop at the fourth or fifth join (internode) down from the top of the main stem. If you’re unsure of your plants sex during this period, you will be able to tell for certain by the second week of flowering .

Grow tip: Many people struggle to tell the difference between male and female marijuana during pre flowering. This is quite common so don’t panic, wait until the 2nd week of flowering when the the sex organs will be more pronounced.

You can identify a female marijuana plant by looking for a pear shaped ball that grows where leaf stems join the main stem. Here the pear shaped ball (calyx) will develop two white hairs (pistils) that will grow out in a “V” shape. It may take a plant until it has been in the full flowering light schedule of 12/12 two weeks before female flowers develop, so be patient. If not you may end up throwing out a plant that was female because it hadn’t shown its white hairs early enough.The main benefit of establishing that you have a female marijuana plant is it produces female weed that gets you high. Keeping a female separate from any male or hermaphrodite plants will mean you grow unpollinated sensimilla, which are the most potent and desirable.

You can encourage the growth of female marijuana plants by using high levels of nitrogen and low levels of potassium, alongside using only blue light and lower temperatures for the first two weeks of vegetative growth. Although they may increase the chances, these techniques cannot guarantee the development of female marijuana as a stressed plant is more likely to grow as a male or hermaphrodite.

Male marijuana plants are more likely to occur if you have low levels of nitrogen and high levels of potassium in the first two weeks of vegetative growth. High temperatures along with red light during vegetative growth also increase the chances of your plant growing as a male. Other causes include light leaks, over and under watering and excessive nutrient use early in a plants life.

In most cases, hermaphrodite marijuana plants are females that go on to develop male sex organs. This means they will start to flower showing the pear shaped balls and white hairs of a female plant, but will go on to develop the pollen sacks of a male. This can happen any time during flowering when a plant is stressed.

If you are a beginner and want to boost your performance, they try bodyweight squats. For a bodyweight squat, you need no equipment other than yourself. If you want to further enhance your stamina then you can also try full squats or one-leg squats.

• Lie down on a flat bench, making sure that you are not arching your back and grip the barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart, palms facing your feet, and press the barbell straight up and back down. 

Lunges exercise the same muscles as squats, but lunges make the gluteal muscles work harder to slow your body as you lower down. What’s more, lunges require more stability, which engages the calves and lower back muscles.

Kegel exercise is the best and easiest way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and last longer in bed. Having control over your pelvic muscles, will help you have a stronger erection. You can start by doing this simple exercise. When visiting the bathroom, try to start and stop the flow of urine. 

Make sure you eat good quality proteins, as they contain essential amino acids that our bodies need in order to function. Include protein rich foods like egg whites, low fat milk and milk products, fish and chicken in your diet.

You should try to maintain a healthy weight by taking into account our height and body structure. If you are underweight, consult a doctor or a nutrition expert to help you reach your ideal weight. This can help boost your sexual stamina.

To build your sexual stamina, don’t just rely on foreplay, you also need to watch what you eat. Include a well-balanced diet by adding low-fat products, plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean meat. This will help your body stay healthy and increase both your physical and mental stamina.

For increased sexual stamina it is important that you are not sleep deprived. Always focus on better sleep first rather than better sex. If you focus on better sex first, you might ruin the process as lack of sleep can be a major libido killer.

This year I’m going to spend a lot more on myself and my business.  There are plenty of free YouTube videos, mentors, programs, Coursera courses , etc. out there, and they have served me well up to this point.

I can see from your Disqus comments, on other articles, that you “get it.” I think platforms like Disqus, that enhance indie websites, hold more potential for Internet entrepreneurs than social media.

Great article! This year I am expanding my network by leaving the comfort of my home and office. I’m going to accept invitations, engage in conversations and make meaningful relationships on and offline. This may seem like a small feat but trust me it’s huge.

This was an excellent post Ella! Investing in myself is going to continue to be essential to me, and I’m definitely guilty of #2 (wasting billable hours and stressing when I can refer people elsewhere). Let’s do less and gain more!

According to a survey conducted by Chris Bart, professor of strategic management at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, and Gregory McQueen, a McMaster graduate and senior executive associate dean at Still University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine, women actually run better performing businesses than men.

Last year, Zeneger Folkman , a company that studies leadership, found that women rated higher than men on 12 out of 16 attributes tested. After analyzing 7,280 of their clients' performance evaluations, they found two traits where women outscored men significantly: taking initiative and driving results.

1. Better communicators. Women are better listeners than men, and this is exactly the skill that is most critical for managing employees and customers. According to Dr. Susan Sherwood , this is a result of women being more discussion oriented and men wanting to just take action. Men communicate through activities rather than conversations.

Why this is an important skill for everyone: Employees want their managers to hear their point of view, and customers want everyone to empathize with their problems. Being a better communicator will lead to a stronger relationship built on trust, which is critical to establishing loyalty.

2. Better community builders. Women are better consensus builders and don’t have the need like men to direct everyone in what to do. In this world of the connected Internet, “ beta managers ,” those that know how to build cooperative relationships, are becoming more successful than traditional “alpha managers.”

Why this is an important skill for everyone: In the new book  The Fall of the Alphas , Dana Ardi shows how the traditional top down, male dominated authoritarian leader is being replaced by a more collaborative and connected manager. She says that the best managers are learning to lead through the influence that comes from building collaboration rather than straight force or all out competition.

3. Stronger business ethics. Bart and McQueen find that women, who are effective managers, “acknowledge and consider the rights of others in the pursuit of fairness … that is consistently applied in a non-arbitrary fashion.”

Why this is an important skill for everyone: Running a small business is a minefield of ethical choices. When pushed to the limit, too many owners do the wrong thing and run askew of their own ethical (and sometimes legal) standards. A strong moral code will help business owners deal with these types of challenges, which will certainly push them to their limit.

So, if you feel like there’s a part of life you just haven’t figured out yet, you’re not alone. And if you feel like you still have some juice in the tank and want to build a good body, well, now’s the time.

Schedule stuff that’s important to you — workouts, sleep, time by yourself, etc — and ruthlessly guard your time. Don’t let anything short of an emergency sneak in. The next time you get invited to something you don’t want to do, say “no thanks.”

Being selfish isn’t an excuse to be an asshole or a self-contained human who never does anything for anyone else. You still have to participate and contribute. You still need empathy. You still need to help others.

When we tell “white lies” to people, we’re trying to spare them — or us — temporary discomfort. What we’re really doing is robbing them of our opinion, cheapening our relationships, and souring our experience.

Crazy? Probably to most people. But not to me. Why? Because I enjoy making, experimenting with, and drinking coffee. Every time I make some for myself or for other people I have a bunch of things to try and cool stories to tell.

Even when we’re not around other people, we’re “connected” by some sort of device. We Google random stuff while we wait for our friend to show up. We read email in bed. We text while we’re out at dinner. We listen to music while we drive.

Thanks for the post, I think that it is right on point. I plan to “Stop Apologizing” for being me. This happens when people dont know who i really am and i feel i have to explain myself to them. The more authentic I can be, the more I will be surrounded by people that encourage me and the less I have to “defend” myself. Happy New Year and I look forward to reading more.

Awesome post Nate,people need to wake up and smell the coffee man. I’m going to start focusing on expanding my blog. Just started a blog and figured I love reaching out and interacting with people. So this year, I’m going to kick some serious ass. Great year ahead :)

Steps in physical and mental actions to become a better Muslim. The mental preparation is more important than the action. Reflect and contemplate on each item. These tips should benefit you in all aspects of your life, and make you a more competent person.





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