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Have you ever woken up to find a wet, sticky spot on your underwear or PJs ? At first you may have worried that you wet the bed. But if you're going through or have already gone through puberty, you probably had a wet dream.

"I'm getting hair in places I've never had hair before ... My voice is changing ... I think I've grown another inch overnight." This happens to every guy (and girl - but differently). It's the time when you physically stop being a boy and begin to transform into a man. It's when hormones in your body take over and cause things to change, grow, and develop. It's called puberty. Technically speaking, puberty is your body's way of transforming you into an adult, all for the sake of reproduction...

A wet dream is when you ejaculate while you're asleep. Ejaculate means to release semen (the fluid that contains sperm ) from your penis . Usually, a wet dream happens while you're having a dream about sex . You may not even remember the dream.

When you go through puberty, your body starts producing the male hormone testosterone . Once your body makes testosterone, it can release sperm. This means you'll be able to fertilize an egg if you decide to have a baby in the future. It also means you can get a girl pregnant if you have sex .

Even if you have a lot of wet dreams it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. Some guys have wet dreams a few times a week. Others may only have a couple of wet dreams during their entire life.

Yet what the Autoblow 2 lacks in sleekness and sexiness, it makes up for in pleasure and realism, says Sloan. The device is one of the world’s first automatic, hands-free masturbation aids, which Sloan says “better replicates what being with another person feels like” than a gadget like the Fleshlight, which requires manual movement.

Unlike other male masturbators, Autoblow 2 isn't battery-operated. You turn it on by plugging it into an outlet, and the machine’s spring-powered beads stroke up to four inches of your penis up and down. The point of this, Sloan says, is to make the Autoblow 2 more durable, so it doesn’t wear out after a few months of use. It also uses an industrial-strength motor, so it doesn’t sputter and die out without notice the way most battery-powered sex toys do.

“I guess it’s kind of a double standard, that it’s normal now for women but it’s not yet normal for men. But I gotta think that it’ll equalize. If women’s products are being sold at Walgreen’s, pretty soon men’s products will be too.” 

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“… and learn more about yourself. You have a chance right now to do exactly that, you know. Have you ever been fucked like that guy?” “No,” I replied softly. “Ever had anything in your butt?” “No,”  I said. “Now be honest, you’re curious aren’t you, how it feels to have a cock fucking you […]

Hitchhiker’s First Time (Part 1) It was a warm sunny day as I stood on the side of the road. The semi-arid landscape seemed to go on forever and heat waves rippled near the surface of the ribbon of pavement that stretched to infinity in both directions. Wearing nothing but well-worn hiking boots, a pair […]

In the forbidden fruit and nectar of his own mother’s womb, my old family friend Joshua fathered his own father, planting his fertile seed and crafting the fleshly chalice in which a soul returned victorious from seeming oblivion–the flower of the face, where earth meets sky and the light touches the edge of darkness. Opening […]

“I’ve always been a good person,” Robert lied. “I don’t think I’m able to be any different.” “Aw, poor little Robbie,” Cassie was mocking him.  Then she puckering her lips and kissed him on the tip of his nose. She smiled, “Would you like me to show you how to be bad?” Robert had found […]

Late one Winter, along came the flu.  A few days were feverish and unpleasant.  I slept as much as I could.  My fever was peaking when he came. The room was mostly dark, my bed covers skewed with my tossing and turning.  I sensed his presence close by before I opened my eyes.  My first […]

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You may be confused by the title. You may be wondering “how can a dick be fucked?” I will explain with a scene. It’s early morning. We are both wide awake lying in bed naked. Blue sky. Sun streaming through the big windows. Light breeze. She sits up and starts fondling my cock. She keeps […]

Thursday, the Living section editors favorably featured the 56 seconds in which Dr. Christiane Northrup spoke about the importance of masturbation during an hour of Oprah devoted exclusively to issues of women's physical and mental well being.

Finding humor in sexual tension isn't harmful. Sex and the City did a great episode on masturbation in which Charlotte, who isn't pro vibrator, is urged by her friends to try the Rabbit. At first she resists, but then becomes so enamored of her experiences with it that she falls into an erotic haze and stops leaving her apartment. To help her kick her growing addiction Carrie and Miranda bang down her door and perform an intervention. In the show Charlotte isn't maligned or debased.

By contrast, many of the responses to the Oprah clip were more mean spirited in humor, showing it's often easier to reduce masturbation (and the women discussing it) to a dirty joke rather than to value it as a component of female vitality, a vitality which for many women is hard fought.

Northrup and Winfrey were performing a function that's long overdue: educating women on the benefits of feeling sexually alive, and calling attention to masturbation's role, biochemically and emotionally, to that end. This has been available to women in book form, but not during daytime TV, where one can always find an abundance of idiocy and violence.

Doctors paying attention to the quality of women's sex lives is a fairly new dynamic. Why use humor to tear down two women imparting sexual health information to an audience of adult women? I recall no controversy when the male Dr. Oz imparted sexual information to an all male audience.

So far, in my Women's Realities Study , which allows women to anonymously respond to any of the 63 questionnaires on the major themes of being female, the Masturbation questionnaire has had the third highest response rate. It's been outdone only by the topics Menstruation, and Relationship with Your Mother. And almost every single woman who chose to complete this questionnaire confessed that she did so in spite of the fact that it made her uncomfortable. These were women from 18-53. They didn't do it because it was easy. They did it because it was important to them.

This fall I gave a lecture on "Women and Girls, and Their Sexuality" based on these responses, and it was supported and attended by the former Chief Resident of New York Hospital, Cornell Weill Medical Center, now a cardiologist there; and a well-respected pediatrician of the same hospital affiliation. After the lecture during the Q & A, they book-ended my material with their own to illuminate the lifelong function of this integral component of human sexuality. The cardiologist spoke of the importance of masturbation to elderly women, many of whom have had unsatisfying sex lives, and the pediatrician spoke of different cultural attitudes toward children's presexual masturbation and how they can incur shame.

In 2008 women still experience guilt and shame around masturbation. 70% of the respondents to my study felt guilty, and 80% of them were never taught about it as a normal aspect of human sexuality - with a surprising 4/5 of those women being under the age of 35 and raised by mothers of the post feminist era. 88% of them reported a strong desire to hear other women's thoughts and feelings on masturbation, with most of them responding yes and absolutely emphasized with one to three exclamation points.





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