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Technically, there are twenty-two pictures if you count the one above, but let’s be real—most of you will be too damn horny to worry about numbers! Titan Men model Kevin Lee has held a steady ten-point lead over  Ben Cohen after last night’s edition of The Ten . If he keeps up this momentum, there’s a very good chance that he could dethrone the hirsute, beefy god and take first place as our “ Sexiest Man of The Moment “.

This is all quite remarkable, considering Kevin only has one scene out at the moment. Nevertheless, he must have made a big impression on you when he backed his muscular bubble butt onto Felix Barca ‘s hard, uncut cock, because the poll doesn’t lie! You like this guy a lot .

In our efforts to satisfy your Kevin Lee cravings, we yanked a few shots from his Twitter account for your masturbational pleasure. Most of them would fall in the selfie category, but there are a few professional modeling shots with photographer Allan Spiers . Hopefully, this collection will be enough to hold you over until Kevin’s next scene is released.

Classic actor Kevin Young first began appearing in XXX movies in 1988. He went on to perform in more than 40 titles over the course of his career before retiring from the industry in 1995. Young worked with some of the biggest studios in the industry, including Vivid Man, Rage, Scorpion Entertainment, and Pleasure Productions.

If you weren’t watching porn in the late 80s and early 90’s, it’s likely you aren’t familiar with Young. We’d like to introduce you to this classic stud and we know that once you get a taste you’ll be coming back for more! Young was a versatile actor, willing to perform as both top and bottom. If you’re interested in seeing him top, check out “Birthday Buddies” from YMAC. If seeing him bottom is more your style, check out “Gang Bangers” from In Hand Video. And top all that action off with a solo masturbation scene in “Acapulco Dreaming” from Vivid.

This is a list of notable men who have appeared in gay pornographic films . Pornography has become more mainstream and as of 2009 is a $13-billion industry in the United States ; globally consumers spend over $3000 on porn every second of every day. [1] The gay market is estimated to be five to ten percent of the overall adult market. [2]

Before there were porn stars like Brent Corrigan , Micah Andrews and Kurt Wild , blond beauty Kevin Williams could easily claim the title of “ultimate twink bottom”. It was clear that this young man really loved his job, as he deepthroated and spread his hole some of the biggest cocks in the industry. Double penetration! Dildos the size of my wrist! You name it, and he’s probably done it… Not only that, but he did it on film .

Funny enough, we already posted a clip of Kevin’s scene with Chad Douglas under the title “Blondie Vs. Pornstache” . Since we happen to have an affinity for watching huge ten-inch cocks glide into tight, smooth asses, we thought it’d be fair to share another clip from their movie In Your Wildest Dreams . Along with three additional bonus clips!

If you’re digging these, be sure to head over to Fleshbot for yet another video of Kevin in action. Of course, you may want to hold back, because once you start viewing… You won’t be able to stop! Seriously, this kid is like the gay porn equivalent of Pringles.

NOTE : We here at Manhunt Daily encourage you to make responsible decisions in your sexual activities, however you may interpret that. Please head over to Manhunt Cares for more information on safer sex techniques.

Tall dark and handsome is great, but Kevin Williams single-handedly convinced me that blonde is beautiful! I would love to have a boyfriend who looks like him. (And one who ages just as well–he was still fantastic when he made his “comeback”!)

Ah good times…I used to love watching him get fucked. I really loved him in “Young Guns” (part 2 I believe it was). Thanks for the clips…yummy addition (or I’ve just missed them before).

Dating myself here, but I remember well when Kevin was the new kid on the block. The IT porn guy. Does anyone else remember him being on Donahue with other gay porn stars? Zak Spears was on there with him..PS – pre steroid

Kevin Williams is my all time favorite gay model. He is so cute and so enthusiastic in the best way. I know he’s still around (50 in 2015) and I wish him the best. I thank him for all of the pleasure that his work in videos. I would love to actually make contact with him sometime just to tell him how much I have enjoyed his work.

The gay porn model population turns over, almost completely, about every three years. So, if you take a poll of gay porn popularity at any given point in time, the top 10 or top 20 are going to change, probably based on who pounded who out best last week.

The result is a model that looks beyond just Twitter followings and awards, and attempts to rank the current, active crop of gay porn models in a way that hasn’t been attempted before, taking into account longevity, productivity, and overall attention and respect. And this ranking can be revised to remove retired porn stars, and add on new awards as they come, like the 2015 Grabbys.

Even when I’m tired and sick Austin Wolf and Connor Maguire are always turn me on. There is a video where Austin is slapping a burglar and another where Connor wiping a slave, I think I saw them 100 times.

There are some twink and EMO boys that have it all over these guys. Young, beautiful, hung,
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Also, ‘Bel Ami’ is just about the best. Stunning young boys. Huge cocks.
Elton John take a ‘Bel Ami’ boy with him when he goes on vacation. TRUE !

WTF? Why isn’t this article called ”The 50 Most Popular White Porn Stars (and a token black for good measure)”? Is this really what American gay men consider sexy? Hairless, white, bland, and indistinctly generic?? Ugh.

Now I was in the sex game trade and I was ok ked to star next side off
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Pretty dull really; almost all of these models conform to what passes as sexy for a certain type of conservative and somewhat prepy north American: white (of course), overly worked out, exageratedly masculine and lacking individuality. For my money the best gay porn actors these days are coming out of Brazil, Japan and the UK.

My top 10 in no particular order:
Colby Jansen
Tommy Defendi
Rocco Steele
Donnie Dean
Tom Wolfe
Austin Wolf
Connor Maguire
Tony Paradise
Tyler Reed





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