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Virtually every site or service available on the Internet has a password—everything from your bank to your favorite grocery store. The best passwords are virtually impossible to guess, but with the vast number of passwords we require in every-day life, people often use easy passwords or take shortcuts so that they don't have to carry a list of secret words. If you need to discover somebody's password, recall one your own that you might have forgotten, or perhaps learn what password schemes not to use, this article is for you.

A recent registration system update means that all current site users and subscribers need to reset their passwords when logging in to SFGATE or for the first time, starting Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

Neighbor Kerry Cohen , a paralegal and mother, was on her way to organize a charity event. As she squeezed past several large production trucks, Cohen saw scantily clad women heading toward the same house.

Johnson, another neighbor, told his 9-year-old daughter to stay inside while what he described as a "prison-yard break" -- a large film crew, many of its members covered in tattoos -- entered the house in the 3600 block of Hayvenhurst.

In any given year, about 3,900 adult films are shot in Los Angeles, according to industry estimates. As with any other shoot, those films obtain permits from the city. But the city doesn't restrict the content of the projects it approves.

Which means that if your neighbor decides, as Johnson's did, to rent out his house for the filming of "The Alphabet" -- in which sexual acts are performed in alphabetical order by 21-year-old identical twins -- there's not much you can do to stop him.

Many in L.A. have endured film shoots in their neighborhoods and know about traffic congestion and sidewalks swarming with production crews. But along with the hassle often comes a little cachet -- if you lived in a dump, chances are they wouldn't be shooting a romantic comedy or a luxury-car commercial next door.

The tale of the Hayvenhurst cul-de-sac, where several adult productions have been shooting almost nonstop for two weeks (and were booked to continue through May 1), pulls back the curtain on how one of the region's most thriving industries -- pornography -- coexists with the city.

A week before Easter Sunday, neighborhood residents received a flyer notifying them that there would be filming down the street in the coming days. Johnson, who works at home as an advertising consultant, said he didn't think much of it.

More than two-thirds of all millennials admit to having downloaded or streamed pirated content, a new survey from Anatomy Media finds. The same group also has a high preference for ad-blocking, which is believed to be directly related to the high prevalence of invasive ads on pirate sites.

Sitelock, one of the world's leading website security companies, is using the DMCA to silence a vocal critic. Web design and services outfit White Fir Design has published several articles about Sitelock, but now the company has hit back by filing DMCA notices against screenshots included in White Fir's reports.

Entertainment industry workers usually speak about illegal downloading in the harshest of terms but for one former Disney executive, it has its upsides. Speaking at the huge All That Matters conference, Samir Bangara admitted that he "loves" piracy as it's a great indicator of content popularity.

The Delhi High Court has delivered a landmark judgment which allows a local university copyshop to print course packs, using parts of commercial educational books. The judge held that copyright is not an inevitable or divine right. Copying for educational use is fair dealing, whether it's done by hand or automatically in an organized fashion.

The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'Captain America: Civil War' tops the chart this week, followed by ‘X-Men: Apocalypse'. 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' completes the top three.

Not all anti-piracy vendors play fair when it comes to removing copyright-infringing content from the Internet. In fact, there is clear and convincing evidence that several companies 'make up' links that have never even existed, perhaps in part to boost their own numbers.

Android devices with modified Kodi software installed continue to prove popular among the pirating masses. However, a ruling from the EU Court this week will make life more difficult for suppliers. That's the opinion of Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, who say that sellers will now have to verify if the links contained in such devices are infringing.

In the ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit against alleged pirate sites Sci-Hub, Libgen and Bookfi, academic publisher Elsevier wants help from Cloudflare. The publisher informs the court that a subpoena against Cloudflare is needed to expose the personal details of the sites' owners.

COMMENTS: Published in JAMA Psychiatry (May, 2014), this was the first brain-scan study on porn users. Researchers found several brain changes, and those changes correlated with the amount of porn was consumed. The subjects were moderate porn users, not classified as addicted. In this study, experts at Germany's Max Planck Institute found:

1) Higher hours per week/more years of porn viewing correlated with a reduction in grey matter in sections of the reward circuitry ( striatum ) involved in motivation and decision-making. Reduced grey matter in this reward-related region means fewer nerve connections. Fewer nerve connections here translates into sluggish reward activity, or a numbed pleasure response, often called desensitization . The researchers interpreted this as an indication of the effects of longer-term porn exposure. Lead author Simone Kühn said :

3) The more porn used, the less reward activation when sexual images were flashed on the screen. A possible explanation is that heavy users eventually need more stimulation to fire up their reward circuitry. Desensitization, leading to tolerance, is common in all kinds of addictions. Said the study,

To sum up: More porn use correlated with less gray matter and reduced reward activity (in the dorsal striatum) when viewing sexual images. More porn use also correlated with weakened connections between the seat of our willpower, the frontal cortex.

Importance   Since pornography appeared on the Internet, the accessibility, affordability, and anonymity of consuming visual sexual stimuli have increased and attracted millions of users. Based on the assumption that pornography consumption bears resemblance with reward-seeking behavior, novelty-seeking behavior, and addictive behavior, we hypothesized alterations of the frontostriatal network in frequent users.

Design, Setting, and Participants   Sixty-four healthy male adults with a broad range of pornography consumption at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, reported hours of pornography consumption per week. Pornography consumption was associated with neural structure, task-related activation, and functional resting-state connectivity.

Results   We found a significant negative association between reported pornography hours per week and gray matter volume in the right caudate ( P   < .001, corrected for multiple comparisons) as well as with functional activity during a sexual cue–reactivity paradigm in the left putamen ( P  < .001). Functional connectivity of the right caudate to the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex was negatively associated with hours of pornography consumption.

Conclusions and Relevance   The negative association of self-reported pornography consumption with the right striatum (caudate) volume, left striatum (putamen) activation during cue reactivity, and lower functional connectivity of the right caudate to the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex could reflect change in neural plasticity as a consequence of an intense stimulation of the reward system, together with a lower top-down modulation of prefrontal cortical areas. Alternatively, it could be a precondition that makes pornography consumption more rewarding.

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