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Nani es la hermana mayor de Lilo Pelekai y su tutora legal. Se hizo cargo de su hermana tras la muerte de sus padres. Ella ama a Lilo con devoción, pero no siempre se entienden. Trabaja en una tienda de alquiler de surf. Ella tiene un gran estrés a causa de las travesuras de Lilo y Stitch .

Stitch ( Experiment 626 ) is one of the two title characters of the Lilo & Stitch franchise. Originally an illegal genetic experiment created by mad alien scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba to cause chaos across the galaxy , he is marked by his short temper and mischievous behavior (traits that endear him to his friend Lilo, who adopted him as her " dog "). He is voiced by his creator and the film's co-writer and co-director, Chris Sanders , in all official media except the Stitch! anime, where he is voiced by Ben Diskin for its English dub.

Lilo Pelekai ( / ˈ l iː l oʊ / LEE -loh ) (literally, "lost" in Hawaiian [1] ) is the other title character of the franchise. She is a young Hawaiian girl who lives on the island of Kaua ʻ i with her older sister Nani and her extended family of alien visitors marooned on Earth . She is voiced by Daveigh Chase in all the films and Lilo & Stitch: The Series , except Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch where she was voiced by Dakota Fanning .

Lilo is a young girl with long, straight black hair and brown eyes. She is most often seen wearing a mu ʻ umu ʻ u and sandals , but also wears other warm-weather clothing as well as traditional hula costumes. In Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch ; her reflection in a mirror is compared to a picture of her young mother, suggesting that they look similar. In the episode "Skip" where an experiment is used to skip time 10 then another 10 years, it is mentioned that older Lilo looks a lot like her sister Nani.

Lilo's parents died in a car accident some time before Lilo & Stitch (it is suggested that rain made road conditions treacherous), and they have not appeared in the series apart from three photographs: one of Lilo, Nani, and their parents having a picnic on the beach, a photograph of Lilo's mother winning the Hula contest at her school's May Day celebration, and a photo of Nani with her parents when she graduated to intermediate Hula.

The development of Lilo's ʻ ohana (extended family) begins with the adoption of Stitch in Lilo & Stitch . Though Lilo technically owns Stitch by Hawaiian state law, the relationship between the two is more like siblings and best friends. By the end of the series, Lilo's extended ʻ ohana includes Nani, "Uncle" Jumba and "Aunt" Pleakley, David, Cobra Bubbles, the Grand Councilwoman, Victoria, all 627 (627 and 628 were shown dehydrated in the episode of 627, although it could be argued that they still count) of Stitch's "cousins", Gantu and finally Mertle.

Nani Pelekai is Lilo Pelekai 's older sister and legal guardian . She carries the burden of supporting herself and her younger sister both financially and parentally. Naturally, she is usually very busy and under a great deal of stress. Her age is not made clear, but the fact that she was made her sister's guardian suggests that she is at least eighteen years old by the time of the first movie. She loves Lilo devotedly, but does not always understand her. Nani often serves as a gentle voice of reason and advice in the films and show—and occasionally, not so gentle. It was Nani, in the original film, who allowed Lilo to adopt Stitch from the pound, where he had been mistaken for a dog.

As a result of her stress, Nani is easily aggravated by Lilo and Stitch's antics, which often unfortunately interfere with her ability to find and hold a stable job. She frequently has to cope with and clean up after the various crises which involve Lilo, Stitch, Jumba , and Pleakley (who often tries to help around the house, with mixed results). Her busy life sometimes makes it difficult for her to maintain a normal relationship with David Kawena , a local surfer, who is Nani's friend in the original film and later love interest. She is renowned among her household for her bad cooking. Her worst fear is noted to be losing Lilo to social workers like Cobra Bubbles , whom she at first disliked but, after the events of the first film, comes to trust and respect.

Dr. Jumba Jookiba is the creator of Stitch and his "cousins", initially serving as a supporting antagonist in most of the first film and later as a supportive protagonist onwards. He is an overweight , mostly purple-skinned alien from the planet Kweltikwan/Quelte Quan speaking in a vaguely Russian accent , with dark pink skin on his front torso and armpits, a huge and mostly bald ovalish head with three black hairs, a wide mouth, a little nose and four yellow eyes. He has been called an " idiot scientist ", but he prefers to be known as an evil genius and is in fact surprisingly sociable and friendly outside of his work. He is voiced by veteran character actor David Ogden Stiers .

Lilo & Stitch is our favorite story about an alien disguised as a dog and the little girl who teaches him to love. We love it so much that we went on a fact-finding mission to discover some little-known gems from this charming film’s production process. Gather your ‘ohana around and buckle up for some knowledge:

1. The original story focused solely on an alien living in a forest, trying to overcome his isolation and find out where he came from. Lilo didn’t become a part of the film until much later during story development.

3. Stitch was not originally supposed to talk, but when the filmmakers realized the story hinged on him being able to express himself at the film’s end, they began developing his voice. Director Chris Sanders provided Stitch’s voice during test animation, and eventually everyone got so used to it that they decided to keep it.

4. Stitch was originally supposed to the leader of an intergalactic gang, and Jumba was supposed to be his former partner who was sent to earth to find him. The filmmakers eventually decided to make Stitch a genetic mutation instead.

9. While on a tour of Kauaʻi, filmmakers noticed that their Hawaiian tour guide seemed to know someone everywhere they went. They were so struck by the guide’s explanation of the term “‘ohana” as it relates to an extended family, that they made it the central theme of the film.

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Ohana means family, and family in this fun and feisty 2002 animated Disney feature means a little Hawaiian girl, her caretaker sister, the sister's boyfriend, and a mutated monster of an alien that little Lilo adopts, thinking he's a dog.

Lilo & Stitch is a 2002 American animated science fiction comedy-drama film [2] produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures . The 42nd Disney animated feature film , Lilo & Stitch was written and directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders , the latter also starring as Stitch , and features the voices of Daveigh Chase , Tia Carrere , David Ogden Stiers , Kevin McDonald , Ving Rhames , Jason Scott Lee , and Kevin Michael Richardson . It was the second of three Disney animated features produced primarily at the Florida animation studio located at Disney's Hollywood Studios (then known as Disney-MGM Studios during production) in Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida .

Lilo & Stitch was released on June 21, 2002 to positive reviews and was nominated for the 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature , which ultimately went to Studio Ghibli 's film Spirited Away , which was also distributed in the United States by Walt Disney Pictures and also starred Daveigh Chase and David Ogden Stiers in the English version.

Dr. Jumba Jookiba is arrested and put on trial by the Galactic Federation for "illegal genetic experimentation", as evidenced by his Experiment 626, a living creature which is capable of creating untold chaos. However, Jumba is imprisoned while Experiment 626 is supposed to be exiled on a desert asteroid. 626 manages to escape in a spaceship and activates the hyperdrive , causing its guidance systems to malfunction and randomly set a course for Earth . The Grand Councilwoman dispatches Jumba and Agent Pleakley, the Council's Earth expert, to the planet to have 626 captured discreetly. 626 lands on the Hawaiian island of Kaua ʻ i , only to be knocked unconscious by a passing truck and taken to an animal shelter.

On Kaua ʻ i, Nani has been struggling to take care of her rambunctious younger sister, Lilo. A social worker named Cobra Bubbles expresses increasing concern that Nani has not been able to take adequate care of Lilo. Seeking a change, Nani decides that she will allow Lilo to adopt a dog and they go to the animal shelter, where Lilo immediately takes a keen interest in Experiment 626, who is impersonating a dog in order to escape. Lilo names 626 " Stitch " and shows him around the island. As Nani attempts to find a good job, Lilo tries educating Stitch about Elvis Presley , whom she calls a "model citizen". Despite this, however, Stitch's antics, including foiling Jumba and Pleakley's attempts to capture him, ruin Nani's chances of getting a job every time.

David, a friend of Nani's, invites Nani and Lilo to take a break and enjoy a day of surfing. While Nani, Lilo, and Stitch ride on a huge wave, Jumba makes one final effort to capture Stitch from underwater, causing Nani to wipe out , and Stitch unintentionally pulls Lilo down with him. Although everyone gets safely to shore, Cobra witnesses this unfortunate event, telling Nani that although she means well, Lilo's best interests mean she has to be placed with a foster family. After seeing how much trouble he has caused, Stitch leaves. Meanwhile, the Councilwoman relieves Jumba and Pleakley of their assignment, freeing Jumba to pursue Stitch using less covert methods.

Back on land, the Grand Councilwoman appears and is about to take Stitch into custody and retire Gantu, but when Stitch explains that he has found a family in Nani and Lilo, she discovers that he has become a civilized creature; Lilo also shows her the adoption paper, declaring she owns Stitch and that taking Stitch would be theft. The Councilwoman, before leaving, decrees that Stitch will be exiled on Earth and entrusted into the care of Lilo and Nani, and asks Cobra, who turns out to be a former CIA agent whom the Councilwoman met previously in 1973, to keep an eye on them. Together, they rebuild the house, and Jumba and Pleakley become members of Lilo and Stitch's family as well.

Animation has been set so much in ancient, medieval Europe — so many fairy tales find their roots there, that to place it in Hawai ʻ i was kind of a big leap. But that choice went to color the entire movie, and rewrite the story for us.

Dean DeBlois , who had co-written Mulan (1998) with Sanders, was brought on to co-write and co-direct Lilo & Stitch , while Disney executive Clark Spencer was assigned to produce. Unlike several previous and concurrent Disney Feature Animation productions, the Lilo & Stitch pre-production team remained relatively small and isolated from upper management until the film went into full production. [5] The character and set designs were based upon Chris Sanders's personal artistic style. [3]

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12/26/2007  · Manustatud video  · A tender moment between Nani and Lilo from the spectacular Disney film " Lilo & Stitch ". The song Nani is singing to Lilo is "Aloha …

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Bad luck, rules, clowns, broccoli, haunted houses, Mertle's tyranny, Gantu (formerly), being yelled at, Stitch's destructive behavior, Nani scolding her, being too young for something, being considered a freak, being doubted, being alienated by her friends, being told that she's crazy, being told that she'll never be like her mother, being alone, the color pink, being reminded that she's an orphan, being told she is not a normal person

Lilo Pelekai is the deuteragonist of Disney 's 2002 animated feature film, Lilo & Stitch . She is a young, orphaned Hawaiian girl who lives on the island of Kauai with her older sister, Nani , and her extended family of alien visitors marooned on Earth.

Lilo is a young girl living on the island of Kauai with her older sister, Nani . On a rainy night, Lilo and Nani's parents were killed in a car accident, leaving the two sisters orphaned. With Nani being of age by the time of the tragedy, she was dubbed Lilo's legal guardian.

She attends hula school and her hobbies include the photography of obese people, talking about creatures from horror/sci-fi movies, and capturing and rehabilitating Jumba 's evil genetic experiments . She also idolizes Elvis Presley and does not seem to understand that her eccentricities cause her to be an outcast from most of the other children.

Lilo is a 6-year old Hawaiian girl with long, straight black hair and brown eyes. She's most often seen wearing a muumuu and sandals, but also wears other warm-weather clothing as well as traditional hula costumes. In Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch , her reflection in a mirror is compared to a picture of her mother when she was her age, suggesting that they look similar. In the episode "Skip", where an experiment is used to skip time, it's mentioned that the older Lilo resembles Nani. By the end of Leroy & Stitch , she is almost 10.

When the Grand Councilwoman arrives on earth to take Stitch into custody, Lilo shows the certificate from the dog pound, showing Stitch is now legally in her possessions. This, along with the fact that Stitch has had an obvious change of heart, leads the Grand Councilwoman to sentence Stitch (along with Jumbaa and Pleakley) to life in "exile" on earth with his newfound Ohana. In the epilogue, it is shown that Lilo, with the help of Stitch, Nani, Jumba, Pleakley, David, and Cobra, have rebuilt their destroyed house and continued their days together as an ‘ohana.

Lilo is preparing for an important Hula recital just as Stitch's behavior becomes darker to the point where they have a serious argument. Unbeknownst to Lilo (and Nani and David), Stitch is malfunctioning and dying and Jumba and Pleakley are working on a solution with a fusion chamber.

This set is based on the wonderful animated Disney film, Lilo and Stitch . Lilo and Stitch is a movie about a lonely little girl named Lilo who adopts a dog, little knowing that her new pet is in fact a super powered alien with destructive tendencies. Funny, action packed, and full of heart, Lilo and Stitch would be a perfect addition to LEGO!

The main structure of this set is Lilo’s room. I included numerous details in the build, including (but not limited to): Lilo’s photo collection, Stitch’s box bed, and the diorama of San Francisco that Stitch built. The floor is created through Studs Not Only on Top, with studs sticking the furniture down.

A brick built Jumba Jookiba and Pleakley are included. Both are built with 100% official LEGO bricks. Jumba utilizes the Cave Troll’s arms. Both receive special printing (or stickers) for their distinctive faces.

Accessories include: a surfboard, the Ugly Duckling book, a bottle of coffee, Pleakley’s view master, Lilo’s camera, a plasma gun (with carrot stuck in it), a record player, Cobra Bubbles’ card, and Scrump, Lilo’s beloved doll.

This set would bring the fantastic film Lilo and Stitch to LEGO and allow fans to own and play out their favorite parts of the movie as well as create their own Lilo and Stitch stories. This set has been extremely fun for me to create, and I hope you enjoy it as well. If you want LEGO Lilo and Stitch to become a reality, please support, and leave a comment if you have the time. Thank you so much for viewing!

Lilo & Stitch è un film del 2002 diretto da Dean DeBlois e Chris Sanders . È un film d'animazione prodotto dalla Walt Disney Feature Animation e distribuito in Italia dalla Walt Disney Pictures il 21 giugno 2002 . È il 42° Classico Disney , e il secondo dei tre film d'animazione Disney prodotti principalmente nello studio d'animazione in Florida situato ai Disney-MGM Studios a Orlando , Florida . Il film ricevette recensioni estremamente positive e venne nominato per l' Oscar al miglior film d'animazione del 2002, che alla fine andò al film di Hayao Miyazaki La città incantata , anch'esso distribuito dalla Disney negli Stati Uniti d'America .

Il film del 2002 diede inizio a un franchise: un sequel direct-to-video, Provaci ancora Stitch! , venne distribuito il 26 agosto 2003. Questo venne seguito da una serie televisiva, Lilo & Stitch , trasmessa dal 20 settembre 2003 al 29 luglio 2006. Un secondo sequel direct-to-video, Lilo & Stitch 2 - Che disastro Stitch! , venne distribuito il 30 agosto 2005. Il terzo e ultimo sequel direct-to-video, Leroy & Stitch , uscì il 27 giugno 2006 come conclusione alla serie TV. A differenza di Lilo & Stitch , i suoi sequel e serie TV sono stati prodotti dalla Walt Disney Television Animation . Nel 2008, la Madhouse ha prodotto un anime intitolato Stitch! come successore della serie televisiva.

Dean DeBlois , che aveva co-sceneggiato Mulan (1998) con Sanders, venne portato a co-sceneggiare e co-dirigere Lilo & Stitch , mentre il dirigente Disney Clark Spencer venne assegnato a produrre. A differenza di molte produzioni Disney Feature Animation precedenti e concorrenti, il team di pre-produzione di Lilo & Stitch rimase relativamente piccolo e isolato dai quadri dirigenti fino a quando il film non entrò in piena produzione. [3] Il design dei personaggi e della scenografia si basarono sullo stile artistico personale di Chris Sanders. [1]

Mentre il team d'animazione visitava Kauai per fare ricerche sulla località, la loro guida turistica spiegò il significato dell' ohana applicato alle famiglie estese . Questo concetto di ohana diventò una parte importante del film. DeBlois ricorda: "Dovunque andassimo, la nostra guida sembrava conoscere qualcuno. Fu proprio quello che ci spiegò il concetto hawaiano di ohana, un senso di famiglia che si estende ben oltre i tuoi parenti più prossimi. Quell'idea influenzò tanto la storia da diventare il tema fondante, la cosa che provoca l'evoluzione di Stitch nonostante quello che è stato creato per fare, che è distruggere".

L'isola di Kauai era precedentemente apparsa in film come I predatori dell'arca perduta e quelli della trilogia di Jurassic Park . Gli animatori Disney affrontarono l'arduo compito di unire la trama del film, che mostrava la vita povera e disfunzionale che molti hawaiani vivevano durante l'allora recente crisi economica, alla serena bellezza dell'isola. Gli attori che doppiano i giovani adulti del film Nani e David, Tia Carrere , nativa di Honolulu , e Jason Scott Lee , che è cresciuto alle Hawaii, assisterono riscrivendo il dialogo dei personaggi hawaiani nel corretto dialetto colloquiale e aggiungendo gergo hawaiano.

Diversi elementi principali del film cambiarono durante la produzione. In origine, Stitch era il leader di una banda intergalattica, e Jumba era uno dei suoi ex compari incaricato di catturarlo dal Consiglio Intergalattico. [1] La risposta del pubblico di prova alle prime versioni del film portò alla modifica del rapporto tra Stitch e Jumba a quello, rispettivamente, di creazione e creatore. [1]

Il cambiamento più grande avvenne al terzo atto del film, che vedeva Stitch pilotare un jet Boeing 747 attraverso il centro di Honolulu per salvare Lilo. Dopo gli attentati dell'11 settembre 2001 contro il World Trade Center , questa sequenza venne rivista in modo che Stitch pilotasse invece un'astronave attraverso le montagne di Kauai. Questa revisione venne fatta principalmente sostituendo il modello CGI del 747 con quello dell'astronave di Jumba, con solo un paio di inquadrature nella sequenza completamente ri-animate. [1]

C'era anche una scena in cui Lilo presentava Stitch al pesce Pudge, che alla fine porta alla morte del pesce. Lilo poi porta il corpo di Pudge allo stesso cimitero dove sono sepolti i suoi genitori, e quindi Stitch impara le conseguenze delle sue azioni e acquista una migliore comprensione della mortalità.

Lilo & Stitch is a 2002 American animated comedy - drama adventure film released by Walt Disney Pictures on June 21, 2002. about a Hawaiian girl who adopts an unusual pet who is actually a notorious extra-terrestrial fugitive from the law.

It was released on DVD and VHS on December 3, 2002. And It's THX Certified A DVD version of the film was later re-released on March 24, 2009. Along with Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch , the film was released in a 2-Movie Collection on Blu-ray on June 11, 2013.

The 2002 film eventually started a franchise: a direct-to-video sequel, Stitch! The Movie , was released on August 26, 2003. This was followed by a television series, Lilo & Stitch: The Series , which ran from September 20, 2003 to July 29, 2006. A second direct-to-video sequel, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch , was released on August 30, 2005. A third and final direct-to-video sequel, Leroy & Stitch , was released on June 27, 2006 as the conclusion to the TV series. Unlike Lilo & Stitch , its sequel features and series were produced by Walt Disney Television Animation .

Dean DeBlois , who had co-written Mulan (1998) with Sanders, was brought on to co-write and co-direct Lilo & Stitch , while Disney executive Clark Spencer was assigned to produce. Unlike several previous and concurrent Disney Feature Animation productions, the Lilo & Stitch pre-production team remained relatively small and isolated from upper management until the film went into full production. [3] The character and set designs were based upon Chris Sanders' personal artistic style. [1]

While the animation team visited Kaua Template:Okinai to research the locale, their tour guide explained the meaning of [[ohana| Template:Okinaohana ]] as it applies to extended families . This concept of Template:Okinaohana became an important part of the movie. DeBlois recalls:

The island of Kaua Template:Okinai had previously been featured in such films as Raiders of the Lost Ark and those from the Jurassic Park trilogy . The Disney animators faced the daunting task of meshing the film's plot, which showed the impoverished and dysfunctional life that many Hawaiians lived during the then-recent economic downturn , with the island's serene beauty. The actors voicing the film's young adults Nani and David, Tia Carrere , a native of Honolulu , and Jason Scott Lee , who was raised in Hawaii, assisted with rewriting the Hawaiian characters' dialogue in the proper colloquial dialect and adding Hawaiian slang.

Teaser trailers for this film parody trailers for other Disney films (two of these were animated by Sanders) from recent years. These are called "Inter-Stitch-als" and are featured on Disney's official site as well as on the film's respective DVD release. The original actors were brought back to reprise their roles and were shocked when asked to act negatively towards Stitch. The trailers also include the AC/DC song track " Back in Black ."

In the United Kingdom, Lilo & Stitch trailers and TV ads featured a cover of Elvis' song " Suspicious Minds ", performed by Gareth Gates , who became famous on the UK TV program Pop Idol .

As a promotional campaign, comics of Lilo & Stitch were run in Disney Adventures prior to the film's release. The comics detailed events leading up to the film for both title characters, including the creation and escape of Stitch. These events were later contradicted by the sequel Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch rendering the comics non-canonical, but is notable to the series as introducing Experiment 625, Reuben, who was made a main character in the subsequent movies and TV series.

Several major elements of the film changed during production. Originally, Stitch was the leader of an intergalactic gang, and Jumba was one of his former cronies sent after Stitch by the Intergalactic Council to capture him. [1] Test audience response to early versions of the film resulted in the change of Stitch and Jumba's relationship to that of creation and creator, respectively. [1]





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