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I was getting a hand job from my wife one day and i was about to cum and closed my eyes and next thing i know we hit a park car on side of the road but thank god we didn't get hurt and my clean up her mess so i didn't have cum on me when the cops showed up

I've given my bf handjobs in the car before. It's so hot, especially going down the highway when truckers can see. But really, when you're in the car, you really need to finsih him off with a blowjob, who wants all that cum all over the dash? We did that once, it really made a mess. I'd much rather swallow than spend 30 minutes cleaning up (especially if we're in MY CAR!) He enjoys it more that way

A couple of problems here. #1 we never see the girl and I've gotta say that hand looks like it's attached to a fat chick. #2 PLEASE no dopey music behind these things! This guy thought it was cool to have a drum solo playing behind this clip--BAD IDEA!!!





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