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Anna Arrowsmith, also known as Anna Span, is the new Liberal Democrat candidate for Gravesham in Kent. She is also the auteur of hundreds of “female-friendly” porn films. Her neighbours in Tunbridge Wells may or may not be disgusted to learn that some of these, including Be My Toyboy, were shot in the front room.

There are unlikely to be many others “who can claim that”, says the managing director of Easy on the Eye Productions as she surveys her party colleagues gathering for their conference in a Birmingham hotel. Dressed in black jeans, cardigan and shirt buttoned to the neck, she could be any Liberal Democrat activist discussing the issues of the day before heading over to the conference hall. As the hotel guests mill around us, Ms Arrowsmith recalls what made her reputation as a campaigner.

This singular project is not the only evidence the Liberal Democrat hierarchy has of the porn entrepreneur’s determination. At last year’s conference she won a ruling that those who had been members of the party for just eight months could stand for Parliament. She had earlier raised the topic with Nick Clegg at a public meeting.

Ms Arrowsmith was then able to seek a candidature, and after failing to win the nomination in a couple of other seats she was recommended by the party leadership in the South East as a last-minute replacement in Gravesham for a candidate who stepped down. Local activists accepted her this week and have been “very supportive”.

How seriously will the voters take Ms Arrowsmith, 38, on the election trail? She wants to be respected for her business and campaigning record but knows that her career will present a problem for some. “There will be some people who will never like porn,” she says. “People approach sex in different ways. For some people it is only an emotional act. For others it is a variety of different acts. Some people will never accept that. They are probably the same people who never had a one-night stand. There will be some people who are conservative and very anti-porn. I think on the whole these days people are far more liberal.”

Ms Arrowsmith has been preoccupied by politics even longer than by pornography, admiring Margaret Thatcher when she was a child. At St Martin’s School of Art her dissertation was called Towards a New Pornography . She then worked on Television X, an “adult” channel. Fed up with seeing porn films that focused on women pleasuring men she has carved a niche making films in which a third of shots show the woman, a third the man and a third the couple together. She says that the films she makes are humorous and that there is no airbrushing.

Nearly half her customers are women, she says: “Women definitely need this.” She laughs at the idea that for all her talk of being a feminist she is really in pornography for the money. For years she made very little. Now, “I do OK — nice house in Tunbridge Wells. No way am I the millionaire I thought I would be.”

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This is a list of film screenings around Sussex and neighbouring districts (south Surrey and north west Kent), primarily focussed on the film clubs and societies and independent, art house and world cinema screenings; if you want to add yours to the list, email the following:

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Anna Arrowsmith (born Anna Imogen Thompson 15 January 1972 in Greenwich , London), [1] who works under the pseudonym Anna Span , is an English pornographic film director and producer. [2] She makes frequent public appearances, speaking on sex, pornography and feminism , [3] though not without significant opposition from feminists. [4]

She was born and raised in Kent , the daughter of finance director Clive Thompson. She is a graduate of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in BA (hons) Fine Art (Film & Video). [2] Her films are female-friendly based on her ideas first outlined in her 1997 dissertation 'Towards a New Pornography'. [5] She later graduated with a MA in Philosophy from Birkbeck University and is currently studying a PhD in Gender Studies at Sussex University, titled "Rethinking Misogyny: How Men Experience Women to have Power in Dating Relationships". [5]

Her films focus on women enjoying sex including lesbian sex and heterosexual sex, with some bisexual sex. Other themes include sex toys , everyday objects (such as a chocolate bar or orange) being used as sex aids, threesomes , group sex and gang bangs . Role playing and fantasy are also common. Sometimes a character from one of her films appears in another. There is a big emphasis on reality both in script and actor performances. In her films she includes a much higher than average percentage of shots which look at the men, [ citation needed ] which she has termed 'female point of view' shots.

After a shorter documentary aired on Channel 4 earlier in her career, in September 2007, she was the focus of a TV documentary entitled "Sex Films For Girls", made by Five , which captured her views on pornography and her film approach and featured on-set filming during the making of a film. Her father also appeared in the documentary, expressing a negative view of pornography but a very supportive view of his daughter.

Arrowsmith was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Gravesham in Kent for the 2010 general election . [12] Conservative Adam Holloway held on to the seat by a considerable margin; Arrowsmith increased the Liberal Democrat vote share by nearly one third compared to the previous Lib Dem election results and by more than the regional average, but remained in third place behind Labour. [13]

She explained her move into politics in The Observer . [14] Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said "It's not exactly my cup of tea what she's been doing before she has put herself forward in parliament but I also think it's really important that people like her who really care a lot about her local area are encouraged to come into politics. You can't accuse her of being a cardboard cut-out Westminster politician." [15]





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