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[flash f={image=}]Well it was many years since that happen to me, and I lived on a farm and would see horses and bulls mate.

To see these animals mate made me wonder and got me so horny i wet in my panties, be wanting to have sex almost 24 /7.
How I wished I could have had someone to help me see if I could just feel a horse cock at my hot wet juicy pussy.
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I got married and moved away, and my husband had gotten a dog. The dog grew up and was about 8 months old, every one left the house but me and the dog, I took off my shoe and socks last night and went to go get them in the living room.

I had only a t-shirt on, someone must have kick then under the sofa for I had to get on hands and knees.
To my surprize i felt this wet nose on my butt. Art first I was going to move but then I decided to see what this pup was up to, I was thinking of when i was 1st licked and how great his hot wet tongue felt to my cunt.

Each day it never changed he never once mounted me, but i can surely tell u this his tongue did me just fine, but I still had this empty feeling i need a hot cock in me to complete my erg of a cock deep into my cunt.
Well one day the dog didnt come home, I went to look him, lord he had been hit and was killed, so never did I get to have his cock to enter my hot wet juice cunt that he would lick so great.
So now I was really set into wanting to feel more and find out more of how I could get a dog to lick me and then mount me.

But for now that is an other Animal Sex Story i will be sharing to all of u, I hope this is bring u to where i was brought from day one, to where I gone to and will be going again, hope this is as good as my 1st story or have I got better as I proceed to tell what happen to me. See My Self Shot Animal Sex Video





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