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Atlanta nightclubs provide guests with a red carpet atmosphere and an unmatched choice of entertainment. Famous for celebrity sightings, signature drinks, world-class DJs and intimate VIP areas, Atlanta clubs and lounges have it all. Dance the night away during a girls’ night out at Havana Club or relax in the sophisticated, stylish and seductive surroundings of Sutra Lounge.

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Who may party with us?   In keeping with our philosophy, we allow couples, single females, and respectful single gentleman to join our private swinging club.  Some of our parties will be open to all our members, and some will be restricted to couples and female members only.     

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"There aren't many places you can get an interesting fine dining menu executed beautifully, a range of beers and cocktails and good prices on great wine, a high level of service at both tables and bar, an outdoor patio complete with two-tiered automatic driving range, an OTB with the option to bet and watch races at the restaurant and bar, a pro shop, and special holiday events and regular special dining offerings with chefs and/or sommeliers with multi-course plans - are there?

I've enjoyed swingers for everything from office holiday parties to date nights to gatherings of friends to business lunch meetings.

"Excellent food and service! We were on our way from Illinois to Texas. After driving for a few hours, it was nice to be able to relax and have a good meal. Our server actually had lived in Oswego. Forgot his name but he gave us excellent service. Would recommend this restaurant highly."

Visiting this southern mecca for homosexuals might be a little intimidating — at first. Atlanta is not your common city. If you visit here, you need a vehicle, especially to access some of the more sleazy aspects of this town. Atlanta’s offerings might also seem a little limiting, but when these southern boys cut loose… well… you’re bound to have a yee-haw good time!

Keep in mind that Atlanta is nestled in the Buckle of the Bible Belt, so venturing too far astray can get your ass in a sling — literally. Atlanta contains strong liberal pockets but walking down the street late at night holding hands is never a good idea where truck-driving, rifle-toting rednecks who drank too many cheap beers might also drive (hey, I grew up here).

These guides are produced with real people who actually visit these destinations and experience first hand what they’re like. No anonymous submissions, possibly from the owner trying to gin up some business or otherwise. This is real advice from me and people I trust. You decide on your own.

Additionally, I’ve put together a guide to Where to Find Cum When in Atlanta   . As an Atlanta native, I can give you the best advice possible when and where to give and get cum. It’s not bulletproof. Weather has a huge impact on Atlanta crowds along with events downtown, so expect everything to be 100 percent accurate. It’s a best guess based on years of cruising and fucking in this city.

You can always choose differently and I encourage you to make your own choice based on your vibe. Other adult bookstores as well at-your-own-risk cruise destinations. But I’m trying to give you the best destinations based on where you’ll likely get cum or get ass/blown.

Moreover, I know a lot of people are forced to visit Atlanta on business. When you come here, you want to know which hotel to choose out of limited choices. For that question, I’ve added a page on the not-so-sleazy side of Atlanta   . Even when do you come, you want to cum. You might be inclined to try one of our so-called “massage therapists”    to see if you can get off. I’ve also reviewed these.

Stayed at Red Roof based on this site. On Saturday, the police (3-4 cars) arrived at the hotel on three occassions. The first time the shut down a BBRT party. The second time officers stopped and search cars and questioned people as to if they were staying in the hotel. A security officer works 24/7 and will report any suspicious activity. I spoke to the officer and was told that the hotel had remodeled and wanted to change its image.

Has anyone checked out the Southern Nights video store, now that they have a ‘video arcade’? They want $10 large to get in, but if there aren’t any decent gloryholes in those booths I’d rather spend $11 and go to Inserection.

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Trapeze, the #1 swingers club in the nation, is hailed by couples and singles as the sexiest venue of its kind. Dozens of swingers clubs have tried to emulate us but none have been successful. Trapeze is not only incredibly erotic and sexually authentic, we insist upon the highest standards in everything we do. Our parties are renowned for being fun and flirty, while still mysterious and exciting, which means we attract only the highest quality of swingers.

Trapeze is an upscale adult private membership club that caters to adventurous and open-minded couples, as well as to select single males and sexy single females. We are an on-premise swingers club offering a little something for everyone, including lifestyle sponsored events with, and Many of our guests choose to come in costume while others prefer to blend in. Whatever your particular preference, feel free to mingle with other club-goers and get to know our regulars. Couples and single females may attend nightly events (Wednesday through Sunday) at Trapeze while attendance by single gentlemen is limited to Wednesday through Friday. Swingers from all over the country travel hundreds of miles just to attend our outrageous parties.

Trapeze opens its doors at 8pm and operates 5 nights a week, 52 weeks out of the year. Our primary focus is on you, the member, a philosophy which we consistently put into action. We ask that everyone attending our events adhere to a sophisticated dress code if they want to party with us for the evening. Guests are also required to pay an annual membership fee along with a nightly user fee.

Trapeze Swingers Club is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) establishment. We employ only the hottest and friendliest of staff to serve you, as well as provide complimentary mixers for all your drinks. Trapeze Atlanta and Trapeze Ft. Lauderdale offers a gourmet buffet, prepared by our in-house chefs and spa-quality amenities such as attended locker rooms and showers. You won’t find a perfect, all-inclusive facility anywhere that comes close to what Trapeze offers!





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