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Monday thru Thursday: 11am to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am to 12 Midnight
Sunday 12pm-10pm
Schedule is subject to change without notice. To schedule an appointment, click here .
* = Available for heavy submissive session

Submissives: alyssa* aries astrid dolliah* eve faye fifi gabriella heart ivy jane leslie lorelei lucille margot mila nicollette Peaches ramona scarlett stormy yumi TUESDAY

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And in Hollywood, a bidding war over the film rights to E.L. James' bondage-laced romance novel, 50 Shades of Grey , which has sold 31 million copies worldwide, ended with Universal Pictures plunking down $5 million : more than was paid for Harry Potter , The Da Vinci Code or The Hunger Games.

But even as 50 Shades and other mainstream representations of BDSM (bondage and discipline; domination and submission; sadism and masochism) broaden the sexual horizons of middle-aged women everywhere, the Angelenos who have spent years and careers "playing," or participating in kinky encounters in dungeons and at fetish parties, are rolling their eyes at the book's popularity, scoffing at how prude we all are.

Spanking? Puh-leez. Try scrotal piercings. Try glass rods inserted into the urethra. Try tying your genitals to a pulley system and using the rope to slowly yank your body off the ground. Numerous professional dominatrices (or "dommes") call the erotic bestseller "vanilla" and "entry-level"; one compares the trilogy to a grown-up version of The Babysitter's Club .

So if the book that's scandalizing readers profoundly disappoints those truly in the know, what is L.A.'s professional BDSM world really like, in 2012? What kind of people get paid hundreds of dollars an hour to flog, gag, interrogate and tease willing clients?

Over 200 women (and fewer than five men) in greater Los Angeles work as professional dommes or submissives, whether out of one of the city's two large commercial dungeons, Dominion , in Hollywood, and Sanctuary , near LAX, where the house takes a hefty cut from individual income and most clients are walk-ins; at smaller, appointment-only dungeons like Mistress Lexine's Irongate in Reseda and Mistress Justine's Dungeon West in West L.A., where clients are pre-screened and the owner will rent out rooms to other dommes; or out of spare rooms and garages in private homes.

Most professional dungeons are equipped with thrones for foot worship, doctor's chairs for medical play, wooden St. Andrew's crosses, steel cages, chain-link spider's webs, stocks, gallows and an endless variety of bondage furniture, much of which is designed and created by a man called Downtown Willy , who also works on vintage cars. Closets and chests of drawers will store an arsenal of toys, including the usual ropes, gags, chains, paddles and handcuffs, but also metal and bamboo canes, rectal scissors, feather ticklers, equestrian riding crops, gas masks, blindfolds and earplugs, collars and leashes, binder clips, clothespins, saran wrap, the electric shock-inducing Violet Wand and the incredibly popular vampire gloves, which are dotted with small spikes.

Many dommes are fierce feminists and highly educated. One commutes to her dungeon downtown from Claremont, where she is working on her PhD. Another, Empress Himiko , a sadist who loves kicking men in the testicles (ballbusting), attended an Ivy League university on the east coast and volunteers regularly at her Gnostic church.

Each domme, sub or switch (someone who is happy giving or receiving orders, depending on the client) specializes in a few specific fetishes and techniques. Mistress Lexine, who runs Irongate, says she enjoys humiliating and smothering. Over at Sanctuary, Mistress Nina plays with knives, fire and enemas (not necessarily all at once), Busty Bijou shows off her 38H chest and Mistress Nikki attracts those looking for the natural, hairy look; shaving her will set you back $300-$500.

The only female owned and operated BDSM club in Los Angeles. Established in 1980 by Lady Laura, one of the foremost Dominas of her time, The Dominion offers a safe, clean, friendly and caring environment for you to explore your inner desires without fear of judgment.

The Dominion is located in a lovely Tudor style building in West L.A. We are approximately 15 minutes from LAX airport, downtown Los Angeles, Century City and Santa Monica with access from both the 405 and 10 freeways.

I have been a practicing member of the BDSM community for over 25 years. I remember the first time I crossed the threshold of a BDSM club. I was terrified, not knowing what I would encounter when I got there. Would I be safe? Would I be hurt (more than I wanted to be!)? What kind of people would I meet? There were a hundred and one possible worst case scenarios buzzing around in my head. Luckily, my desire was stronger than my fears. I have met some of the most wonderful, intelligent, and interesting people I have ever known in the SM world. The Dominion gives you the freedom to explore a very special part of yourself. I am happy and proud that I am able to offer you this safe place for your dreams and fantasies to come alive.

The staff is amazing; the ladies are experienced and capable of understanding your particular fetish or fantasy. I am a traditional Domina who teaches the classic values and rituals to the ladies that work with me. I also respect that things change and encourage them to learn and practice new techniques to tickle or torture your fancy.

The playrooms are always a work in progress. They are clean and beautifully decorated to create just the right ambiance for your session. Music, candlelight, and state of the art dungeon equipment directly reflect our commitment to making your journey into our world the best and most exciting trip possible.

I pride myself on my reputation for honesty and compassion. It is important to me that you are comfortable and treated with respect. We live out our fantasies every day at The Dominion. Your visit with us is about realizing YOUR fantasies, whether they be dominant or submissive. I understand the importance of being able to freely express hidden desires and fantasies. I appreciate your trust and strive to insure that it is not misplaced.

I want your visit with us to be a positive and enjoyable experience. Everyone is welcome - from the most experienced players to novices and couples that are embarking on their first adventures into BDSM. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me personally. I will be delighted to help.

The Dominion is located in a lovely Tudor style building in West Los Angeles. We are approximately 15 minutes from LAX, downtown Los Angeles, Century City and Santa Monica with access from both the 405 and 10 freeways. You will be receive directions at the time of scheduling your appointment.

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    It is important for submissives to understand what turns Me on, for only then will you begin to serve Me properly. The art of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) is about exercising control and power. It is both sensual and cerebral. I find it incredibly erotic when a man surrenders himself to a Woman, holding nothing back and living joyously in the moment of utter submission. I take great pleasure in humiliating, using, objectifying, ridiculing, and punishing My slaves.

    A disciplinarian and humiliatrix at heart, I guide My slaves with compassion and intuition, all with a charming sense of humor and affection. Many men fantasize about giving themselves over to the will of a Woman—you have visited My webpage because you are not satisfied with just the fantasy. If you think you have what it takes to submit to Me, then continue reading…

    Victoria Hunter, New York bred and born. An elegant and statuesque Italian/Dutch Mistress, classically trained with 18 years of experience, in all areas related to Female Domination and male submission. Independent, well established & highly regarded. A premier Los Angeles Dominatrix, dishing out BDSM and Kink with style and sophistication.

    A privately owned, BDSM Studio and Medical Fetish Clinic. Multiple theme rooms, immaculately appointed and generously equipped. Dungeon OC, upscale and private. Located in Orange County, California, serving surrounding areas of Los Angeles and San Diego.

    Silk Scarfs to Straight jackets. Fetish, Dungeon, Psycho Drama, Kinky Medical Nurse and Sissy Salon. A wide range of sessions for beginners and/or advanced players. Experience a mind altering session, expertly executed by a long time pro. Mistress Victoria, welcomes all well mannered beginners.

    W elcome dear ones. It’s been a busy 2016, with many exciting happenings: construction, websites, bespoke studio furnishings and photo shoots. Enjoy this new version of My BDSM website and be sure to check back often, as new content, is still being added. Stay in touch with My Twitter feed, it’s the social media I put to use most, with postings almost daily. Follow Me @DominatrixLA  and retweet often.

    For now, please assist Me by bringing to My attention, any links found within this site not properly working. I thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you soon… ~until then behave & stay calm ~ Mistress Victoria

    (Ladies…please remember…while visiting My website(s)…stolen/copied content is not cool, nor are the obvious, lifting of “My Coin Phrases”…You are ALWAYS found out…I encourage you to go within & find your own.)

    Brand New To BDSM? Awesome, I happen to excel at executing first D/s experiences and you’ll be comforted in knowing, you needn’t fit a mold, that isn’t instinctively who you are. Be only, your true self.  Since we both, want a good experience, start to finish, I’ve prepared a section just for you. See how special you are? 

    Experienced Visitor?   I f you’ve been around awhile, you already know of Me. Are you one of My fans, gawking from afar? How long are you going to gawk? Come now, let’s not wait any longer. Get on a plane, train or automobile and take Mistress off that bucket list. Visit now and visit often .

    The ladies and the facilities are adequate, BUT the ladies are allowed to cancel your appointment even up to the time you arrive at the dungeon. Also, if you say or do something in the session the lady doesn't like, they can stop the session right there--and good luck trying to get some of your money back.  And the head-mistress will always defend the lady's decision because, I guess, the customer is never right.  Add to all this there is a surveillance camera watching you from the time you leave your car in the parking lot to the dungeon--and frankly, there are better places to use your money safely and to better use.  2 out of 5 stars. 




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